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SWmud First-aid Quest

There is a way to get first aid skill without becoming a scientist. This means that you will obtain fewer experience points for healing than scientists do. Otherwise, the skill is the same.

In order to get familiar with the first aid skill, you must complete a quest. There is one quest for newbies (level 4 and under) inside the newbie simulators and another quest for higher levels. Both of these quests involve finding a doctor (mob) willing to teach you the skill. Perhaps you could help them with something, or they might just be willing to let you learn from them...

Remember – if you plan on joining the scientist guild, then this quest will be useless to you, since first aid is a level 1 scientist skill.

NOTE: You are supposed to do this quest ALONE! Do NOT ask anybody for help with ANYTHING about the quest. If you are caught asking people solutions to this quest, you will be jailed! So keep anything you learn to yourself and do not ask for any information from others.

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