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Equipment on SWmud

One of the first questions and sources of wonder that new players have is the fact that equipment is not saved on our mud. While many of the muds do save equipment, there is an equal amount of MUDs that do not. Ours is one of them.

This is by choice.

We are aware of all the other MUDs where equipment is saved and the advantages that it has, but we are not them.

Equipment on SWmud does not play such a crucial role as it does in some other places. While having good equipment does give you an advantage, you are not completely helpless equipless either. Killing monsters with your bare fists is more than possible. Also, armor is not very important on the mud. It gives you some protection, but not such a huge amount that you cannot do without. In fact, most of our players prefer to wear no armor of any kind. Apart from a very very few exceptions, we do not have armor that would give you special bonuses, such as increased stats.

The whole MUD is also geared towards non-saveable equipment, meaning that equipment is very easy to get and maintain. Weapons may break from usage, but never beyond repair, and getting them repaired is extremely easy. Most of our players are able to equip themselves within a half hour of login to the MUD. Imperials and Rebels also have donation bins where almost anytime you can find good usable equipment for free. Neutrals have a special shop that can sometimes sell really good equipment too. Many of the higher levels are also willing to help other players in getting equipped (as long as they are not pestered about it).

If we were suddenly to change it so that equipment is saved, we would also have to change other things, such as making monsters harder to kill, making special equipment much rarer, making equipment break etc. We have always preferred the current system. Also, whenever this topic has come up, almost all of the players have agreed that equipment is very easy to get and is part of the fun of playing here.

Also, we do have the possibility of buying condos or lockers where you can store equipment within one uptime.

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