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SWmud Coruscant Map

|                     Imperial City                     |
|                         [CUS]                         |
|                           |                           |
|             [SEN] [DCR]-[IL1]-[SIM] [JED]             |
|                  \        |        /                  |
|       [DAN]       [SQ1]-[SQ2]-[SQ3] [CRR] [PKR]       |
|         |           |  \  |  /  |     |     |         |
| [GUL]-[SN1]-[SN2]-[SQ4]-[CCR]-[SQ5]-[SN3]-[SN4]-[MED] |
|   |     |           |  /  |  \  |     |     |         |
| [GL2] [CHP] [BOS]-[SQ6]-[SQ7]-[SQ8] [ITR] [HOF]       |
|                  /        |        \                  |
|       [MES]-[COM] [BAR] [IL2]       [GLD]             |
|               |     |     |                           |
|             [BNK] [SHD]-[SHT]-[MDO]                   |
|                                                       |
|  [***] = You are here.    Current Location: [CUS]     |
|     Click the abbreviations for each explanation.     |
LOC Description Go To
CUS Imperial Customs: All visitors to Coruscant arrive through the efficient customs office located in the northern section of Imperial City. [Start Room] Map
SEN Senate Building: This is where all the Senators and Diplomats meet. The diplomat guild hall is located here, and you may see a list of Council members currently online as well. Map
DCR Data Center: From here, newbies can learn all about the galaxy and the rules they should follow. Map
SIM Sim area: The room houses the Essess, a virtual reality center where newbies can hone their skills before venturing out into the galaxy. Map
JED Jedi Council Chambers: This is where the Jedi meet to discuss important matters. Map
DAN Dan Memorial: This is a memorial dedicated to a player who isn't among us to play any longer. Map
CRR Coffee House: This is the coffee house of Coruscant. (Also, the meeting place of the Rebel Alliance, but you didnt hear that here). [Team Room] Map
PKR Recruitment Center: Here sentients come to enter the world of people killing. Map
GUL Gularg's Bar: This place can get a little rough. Also, place to buy drinks and gamble. Map
MED Medical Facility: This is where you will wake up after you die. Also has a FX-7 droid who can perform surgery. There is a Psyche ward to remove skills or guilds. Map
GL2 Backroom in Gularg's: This is where the not-so-legimitate guilds are located: bounty hunter, assassin, smuggler, and slicer. Map
CHP Coruscant Chapel: Coruscant's Wedding Chapel. Map
BOS Brotherhood of the Sith: Just a deserted building. Really. Map
ITR Imperial Complex: This is where members of the Imperial forces meet. [Team Room] Map
HOF Hall of Fame: Museum of High Mortals who have achieved the highest goal. Map
MES Merchant Shop Area: From here you can find information about the various Merchant owned shops around the mud, and their current stock. Map
COM Commerial Building: This is where all the shops are on Coruscant. Map
BAR Barloke's Ship Shop: This is where Barloke can be found to purchase ships from. Map
GLD Guild Building: This is where you can join/advance in all of the more legal guilds: Pilot, Mercenary, Merchant, and Scientist. Map
BNK Bank: This is the Coruscant branch of the Universal Bank. Map
SHD Barloke's Ship Dock: This is where Barloke stores his ships. Map
SHT Shuttle Dock: Place to catch shuttles to various locations in the galaxy. Map
MDO Main Dock: This is where all private vessels land and launch from. Map

Not every planet has a map like the starting planet, Coruscant, does. This is to help our new players find their way around to the basic elements on at least one planet. For the rest of them, you'll just have to try exploring.

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