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SWmud Condos

You can buy a condo in SWmud on the Death Star, on planet Soleada, and at Sluis Van Shipyards. You will keep these condos even through reboots. Equipment stored in these condos will be stored until reboot, but not past one. No items will be stored through a reboot since reboots clear out all the equipment all over the mud.

The costs of the condos are as follows:
Soleada - 30000 credits
Death Star - 40000 credits
Sluis Van - 45000 credits

Merchants of level 16 and above will receive a discount when purchasing their condos.

In order to buy a condo you will need to find the sales office on the planet, or meet a merchant player with the ability to sell condos to other players there. You will then be asked for the short and long description of your condo.

Note: Be sure not to include double quotes (" ") in the texts and do not make them longer than about half a page or the room will not load because you overloaded the buffer. For a small price, you can remodel the description of your condo later on, if you wish, by attempting to purchase a condo at a location where you already own a condo.

Condo commands are:
scan handprint enters your condo from the lobby or landing (or the bar, dock, or shop areas of DS or SVS condos).
spouse allows you into your spouse's condo, if you are married, from the same areas as scanning your own handprint.
invite (player) invites a player into your condo from the lobby or landing, or the bar, dock, or shop in DS or SVS condos.
evict (player) throws a player out of your condo to the lobby or landing.
droid_invite (droid) (exit) invites a droid into your DS condo from the landing, bar, dock, or shop.
droid_evict (droid) (exit) throws a droid out of your DS condo from the landing, bar, dock, or shop.

No uninvited players may enter the condos (except for your spouse, if you are married), so they offer excellent privacy.

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