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New Coder Test

In order to become an Secretary, the candidate must pass a coding test. This test should be taken within one week of being raised to Applicant. The test itself will be administered by a Senator or Moff.

The test will have two parts: an untimed part and a timed part. For the untimed part, the candidate must code a micro-area: that is, three or more interconnecting rooms, a monster, and one other thing... at least. In addition, at least one of the rooms must have an add_action() of some sort.

For the timed part, the candidate will be given a test object with a few bugs in it. The secretary will be snooped by one of the admins while trying to locate and fix the bugs. The bugged object can be a room, monster, weapon, any item on the mud and the candidate will not be shown the object until the test. The item should be fixed within thirty minutes.

Note that the score needed to pass the coder test depends on the candidates total levels at the time he/she applied to become a coder. The test is very difficult to pass at the minimum levels, so it is recommended that you apply at low levels only if you have prior experience as a coder. Low levels meaning the minimum requirements needed for wizzing.

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