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SWmud Player Killer Clans

Clans will be a tool for developing role playing and teamwork amongst our player killers. Clans will only be given to players that are interested in role playing. They will not provide players with any additional skills, but they will come with a headquarters on any planet approved by the immortals involved, a bulletin board, a private clan-only line, and an auto-loading symbol of their affiliation.

Additional options and upgrades may be purchased.

Option Price
Creation of a clan 1,000,000
Clan hidden status 500,000
Additional room 75,000
Equipment shop (must already have room) 150,000
     Stocked item 200 * item value * quantity
Equipment donation locker 20,000
Capital Ship Dock 500,000
Mailing Facilities (must already have room) 800,000
HM Laboratory (must already have room) 500,000
Data Terminal 100,000
Clan Bar (comes with 1 drink) 300,000
     Extra Drinks 2,000 each
Powertap 25,000
Player requests By request
(All prices are in credits and subject to change without notice.)

Shops are limited in the following ways:

  • No more than 10 different items may be sold.
  • No more than 5 of each items may be stocked.
  • Only items stocked in other specialty shops can be purchsed.

There will be a limit of 10 clans, to start with. Should we need to raise or lower that number based on volume or lack of interest, that option is reserved for the clan head. Clans will be limited to 15 members (also adjustable with same conditions). Inactive clans may be removed with a weeks notice to make room for a new one at the clan heads discression.

To create a clan, the player that will be the clan leader must obtain 1,000,000 credits and find the clan automat on Coruscant. If there are any clan slots available, the money will be deducted from the players purse/bank account and he will be prompted to describe the clan's theme. If the theme is approved by the clan head, additional information (planet for HQ, room descs, etc) will be asked for and building will begin. If the theme is not approved, the money will be returned.

Players are encouraged to develop their clans as much as possible. Should something need to be coded or modified by an immortal, the clan head will decide on a price, and with the clan leader's approval, the price will tacked on to clan debt, which any clan member may pay off at the Clan-O-Mat. If the debt has not been paid within a reasonable time period, the clan's purchase will be repossessed.

For a fee, clans may choose to be hidden. This will make the entrance to their HQ invisible or accessable only through an add_action(). It may also invis any autoloading item that associates a clan member with his clan, if desired.

Mailing facilities will only allow members to mail to each other. Items may not be mailed to anyone who is not a member of the clan.

Clan leaders are responsible for all modifications made to the clan. They will also have the ability to transfer leadership to another clan member, should the need arise. Clan leaders are the only players that can add members to the clan. Any member may remove himself from the clan and clan leaders can remove anyone but themselves. Clan changes can only be made in one of the rooms of the clan's HQ.

All clan members will be auto-PK without the option of going non-PK until after they've left the clan. If a clan leader is killed by another member of the clan, the killer becomes the clan leader. If any clan member kills the member of another clan, the two opposing clans become aggressive to each other. This means that anyone from one clan may attack a member of the other clan, regardless of PK level limits.

Clans are open to both HM and non-HM Army PK players.

Commands available in clan HQ rooms:

clan shows a detailed clan member list.
clanline allows you to talk to your clanmates.
cwar - a now out-dated command that used to tell you with which clans you were at war. (It was removed because of complaints about being able to figure out whom was a member of which clan that way.)
members lists all members in a clan, connected or not.
leader displays the name of the leader of the clan.
debt reports your clan's debt.
retire allows a member to withdraw from the clan (not available to clan leaders).
refit gives you back your clanline and objects (if any) if they were dested for whatever reason.

For Clan Leaders only:

add (player) adds a new member to the clan.
relinquish (member) relinquishs leadership to another member.
expel (member) expels a member of the clan.

Current SWmud Clan files

More clans may exist than the following, but they either: A) haven't turned in a file, or B) are 'secret' clans.

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