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Channels of Communication

The following channels (lines) are available to any player meeting certain criteria:

shout all players
pk army player killers of level 3 or higher
navy pilot or smuggler army player killers, and all navy player killers
hm high mortals
council members of the player council
newbie players level 5 and under, and newbie helpers
jedi players with at least 1 level in the jedi guild
*guild players sharing primary guilds
*team players sharing the same team
*race players sharing the same race, and high-level diplomats who have learned the language

* These lines may be accessed with the specific name that corresponds to the player's guild, team or race:

guilds assa, bh, dip, jedi, merc, merch, pilot, sci, slicer, smug
team team (works for rebels or imperials), or rebel, imperial, neutral
race race or Bimm, Bothan, Clawdite, Defel, Ewok, Falleen, Gamorrean, Gand, Gungan, Human, Jawa, Mon-Calamari, Noghri, Rodian, Sluissi, Sullustan, Togorian, Trandoshan, Twi'lek, Verpine, Wookiee, Zabrak
  (Note: race lines are case sensitive unless you use race)

Primary Jedi can use their secondary guild lines.

Each line has two associated commands:

<line>list shows a list of all players on the line.
<line>hist shows a log of the most recent chatter on the line.

Typing a line name without arguments or a message (ex. shout) will block or unblock that line. This also works for the death line, which is used to announce player death messages mud-wide. Use the mlines command to see which lines you currently have blocked or unblocked.

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