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Auto-loading Items

Some items are auto-loading, which means you keep them after reboot. The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Star Wars Universe is an example. At some point in time, you may lose one or more or your autoloading items. If this occurs, you can replace most items yourself.

team insignia    - purchase in Imperial or Rebel team room
SVS ship card    - 'cardme' at Erving on SVS
wedding ring     - 'pick out replacement band' in Wedding Ring shop on Ryloth
clan item        - 'refit' in clan HQ
Hunt Club knife  - visit quest's starting point
Mickey Rukh Hat  - visit quest's starting point
diplomat pin     - visit quests' starting point
HM beeper        - 'beeper me' in HM Lounge
HM slicertool    - visit quest's starting point
HM scientist kit - visit quest's starting point
JM saber         - visit appropriate Jedi Master

If you find anything missing, please post it in RN on the mud.

These things are NOT auto-laoding at this time, and we don't know if or when it will be implemented for any of them to be auto-loading:

misc equipment
ships (except titles for ships bought on Sluis Van Shipyards)

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