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Armor Types

Armor on SWmud is of several types; the type that a piece of armor is determines what other armor it can be worn with. The possible types are:

body armor (or 'armour')

You can't wear two pieces of the same type.

Note that some pieces of armor cover more than one area, and are therefore of multiple types. For example, stormtrooper armor covers everything but your head, and is therefore of types body armor, pants, gloves, and boots.

Lastly, there may be pieces of armor that do not fit any of the above categories, though these are rare. These are usually of type 'other', but some special items may have unique armor types. Bandoliers are an example.

Armor Sizes

Armor comes in five sizes:

Size: Race:
very small Bimm, Ewok, Jawa
small Bothan, Noghri, Sluissi
medium Clawdite, Falleen, Gand, Human, Mon Calamari, Rodian, Sullustan, Twi'lek, Verpine, Zabrak
large Defel, Gamorrean, Gungan, Ithorian
very large Togorian, Trandoshan, Wookiee

It's possible to wear armor that is one size larger or smaller than your own size.

You might have armor refitted at any of the armor reffiting shops throughout the galaxy. Merchants of certain levels can also resize armor. You may see some armor that is "unsized"; we hope these will be given sizes before long. Unsized armor automatically sizes itself to the size of the first being to wear it.

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