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SWMUD Smugglers' Guild

The following is a brief description of Smuggler skills:

Level Skill Description
1 Appraise Smugglers can determine the value of that item. This gives an approximate value for that item and is not necessarily the price a Smuggler would get for it when sold.
1 Hide Smugglers can hide objects or themselves. A player with a racial hide skill will be able to hide slightly longer. A hidden object can be found by searching the shadows. Please note it is impossible to hide in the shadows in ultraviolet light.
3 Checkout Smugglers can determine how much money someone is carrying. Smugglers with little skill at this have been known to underestimate the proper amount.
3 Compare Smugglers can compare two objects to each other and determine which is better. Primary smugglers may compare any items, but secondary smugglers compare items based on their primary guild.
5 Visual Search Smugglers can peek inside a player's or monster's bags and other containers.
6 Lockpick Smugglers can use a toolbox or lockpick tools to attempt to disable the lock on an item or vehicle, if such is specified, or a lock in the room if no item is specified.
7 Vehicles - Speeders Smugglers can drive speeders, enabling them to travel faster, sometimes with added protection. Vehicles can be refueled at powertaps (like GONKs). Speeders include speeder bikes, landspeeders, swoops, cloud cars, and other land and air vehicles, but do not include walkers or ships.
8 Conceal Smugglers can conceal most items they carry in their inventory. Not everything can be concealed, such as wielded weapons, worn armor, and various other individual items.
9 Disguise Alignment Smugglers can attempt to disguise their alignment from monsters, which may keep some monsters from being automatically aggressive.
10 Fastdraw Smugglers with a weapon holstered in a blaster, saber, or melee holster and not currently wielding any weapon can fastdraw and wield the holstered weapon when attacked, possibly getting in some extra damage.
11 Haggle Smugglers can attempt to get better prices in shops by haggling, but those with little skill in this process have been known to come out on the wrong end of the bargain.
13 Hyperspace Astrogation Smugglers can use a hyperdrive to exceed the speed of light and enter a dimension that takes advantage of the wrinkles in the fabric of "real-space". Smugglers must use the hyperspace map to plan their hyp-jumps in order to avoid the mass shadows of objects in "real-space".
13 Piloting - Freighters Smugglers can fly freighter-class ships, and learn emergency stop skills.
13 Scan - Freighters Smugglers can scan a freighter and determine its specs, though those of low ability have been known to estimate specs wrong. Smugglers can scan:
  • weapon strength of each turret
  • current & max. # of missiles
  • whether it has a cloaking device
  • whether it has an interdiction field
  • whether it has a tractor beam
14 Smuggling Network Smugglers must acquire a smuggler computer to access SourceNet for smuggle listings and then find special traders on various planets or space stations to procure those goods for delivery.
15 Freighter Cockpit Weapons Smugglers can fire only the bridge weapons on freighter-class ships. (Don't expect missiles - it took years to get this much.)
17 Ship Security Devices Smugglers gain all of the ship security skills from the Security Devices skill, but they can only change the transponders of freighter-class ships.
17 Smugglers' Catalog Smugglers with an appropriate catalog gain access to a private smuggler warehouse that sells items which cannot usually be found in shops across the galaxy, or at least not in such quantities.
19 Camouflage Net Smugglers can use a camouflage net to hide much larger objects in a room.
19 Steal Smugglers can steal unworn or unwielded items from a specified monster, including credits. An Army PK may also steal items from another Army PK who is within PK range.
20 ID items HM smugglers can discern very good information about items that they have on their person or are in the same room.
21 Advanced Checkout HM smugglers can now also detect what gear another smuggler of equal or lower rank is concealing. Prime smugglers with this ability can always detect what a non-prime smuggler is concealing regardless of level difference.
21 Camouflage HM smugglers can conceal their exact identity when entering and exiting rooms. Do not confuse this skill with being able to use the camouflage net.
25 Improved Haggle HM smugglers have been haggling for so long that they have progressed to more advanced haggling, which enables them to get discounts at doctors, specialty shops, cabbies, bars, banks (only a 5% transfer fee), and better prices and higher price limits than before at standard shops.
25 Jury-rig Smugglers can significantly boost the performance of their freighter (or other class of ship if also a level 19 Pilot). The boost given by jury-rigging exceeds those given by other, safer methods. The downside is that while operating the ship, systems working beyond the recommended safe boundaries will occasionally break without warning while in use.
30 Conceal Actions HM smugglers can conceal certain actions. Once they decide their next action will be hidden from view, they can then perform one action immediately afterward, and it will be concealed from the view of others in the room.
35 Advanced Steal HM smugglers can now steal items from the inside of containers, such as backpacks or Wookiee bags, as well as somewhat heavier items and wielded weapons, though failing an attempt at these types of steals tends to make your victim aggressive with you. Higher-end weapons will be too hot to move, so only the smuggler will be able to use them. Not all weapons are stealable.
35 Cloaking - Freighters HM smugglers can install an experimental device to cloak the freighter when traveling, allowing it to move undetected in and out of star systems. The massive energy drain of being cloaked prevents the firing of weapons and disables the shields. See bridge commands for more information.
40 Bribe HM smugglers can attempt to bribe a monster to block a direction to keep someone from following them, take them to an unusual location, or to counterbribe a bounty hunter's cabbie bribe.
40 Forge HM smugglers can attempt to adjust the appearance of a ship card and create a forgery of a different passcard that will grant them entrance to secured places.
45 Provoke HM smugglers can provoke a fight between two targets. If successful, the targets will turn on each other with murder in their eyes. If unsuccessful, the targets will turn on the smuggler instead.
50 Investigate Ultimate HM smugglers can explore their surroundings very carefully and discern information that no one else is able to see, but those who are still learning have a tendency to make mistakes.

For potential updates to the Smuggler guild, see the Guild Changes update.

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