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SWMUD Slicers' Guild

The following is a brief description of Slicer skills:

Level Skill Description
1 Adjust Slicers can use a slicer computer (slicertool) to hack into a medical droid and adjust it so that it will no longer charge for medical surgeries.
1 Slice Slicers can use a slicer computer to attempt to hack into special items or information that only they can break into or find out about within a room. They may slice specific items or simply attempt to slice generally.
3 Inquire Slicers can use a slicer computer to attempt to inquire into a person's bank account and find out how much money they have.
4 Repair - Droids Slicers can repair their own droids with a toolbox.
5 Bank Services Slicers can use a slicer computer to access their bank account from anywhere on the mud and do all the transactions that they can normally do in banks. Slicers also suffer no transfer fees when transfering money.
QUIRK: Slicers who just advanced up to level 5 may need to drop and pick up their slicertool before it will perform the bank services function.
8 Scan - Droids Slicers can use a slicer computer to learn certain details about a droid's condition, including how intact it is, its enhancements (if any), and how long until it can be overhauled again.
9 Program Droids Slicers can attempt to program droids to be more knowledgeable in how to notify you of intruders and report their location to you.
9 Ship Security Skills Slicers gain all of the ship security skills from the Security Devices skill.
10 Enhance - Droids Slicers can use a toolbox, a slicer computer, and other required components to enhance the droids that they own, installing components or functionality that other droids do not have. Slicers cannot install another enhancement for at least 10 minutes, and the number of enhancements that a slicer may install depends on slicer level.
11 Tamper Slicers can attempt to tamper with specshops so that more items can be bought or they can be bought at a lower cost. Slicers who fail the attempt have been known to cause the opposite of the desired response to happen.
12 Ion Shield Slicers can shield the circuitry of an electronic device to protect it against dangerous ionic energies. A full toolbox and slicertool are required.
13 Increase Security Slicers can increase, by 1 grade level, the security on the first security slicer or security upgrade device that they carry in their inventory. Grade 5 is the maximum security level any program may have, no matter how much it is increased.
13 Lockpick Slicers pick up the final security skill, lockpick, allowing them to use a toolbox or lockpick tools to attempt to disable the lock on an item or vehicle, if such is specified, or a lock in the room if no item is specified. All the rest of the security devices and skills are gained through ship security skills.
15 Obtain Ship TItles Slicers can use a slicer computer to obtain titles for public ships from the bridge. The title's value will be less than the ship title obtained by pilots. Slicers may also obtain the titles for ships which they themselves may not be able to fly.
15 Scan - Ship Ownership Slicers can scan a ship and determine who owns it, though those of low ability have been known to incorrectly determine this information.
15 Scramble Ship ID Codes Slicers can use a slicer computer to scramble their ship's ID code temporarily from the cockpit or bridge of the ship. Hostile ships will lose sight of the slicer's ship and stop attacking. Non-pilot slicers are able to use this skill as well. Note: Not useful in player vs. player combat or against auto-aggressive ships.
17 Hack Lines Slicers can use a slicer computer to listen in on a line to which they otherwise do not have access. The time for which a slicer can spy depends on slicer level, and there is a 2 minute delay between hackings.
linehack -hacked tells which line is currently hacked.
18 Information Terminal Slicers gain access to an information network via their slicer computer. The network is always expanding to accommodate new data, so contributions to its contents are accepted and welcome.
19 Construct Droids Slicers can gather and use multiple components to construct a droid. Generally, slicers must wait a half hour before their next droid construction.
20 Improved Increase HM slicers can now increase security by 2 grade levels, not to exceed the maximum of grade 5.
20 Kills HM slicers can find out whether or not they have previously killed a specified monster.
21 Advanced Programming HM slicers can program a droid to be more knowledgable in any guild of which the slicer has sufficient knowledge, except Jedi.
21 Autoloading Slicertool Quest HM slicers can quest to receive an autoloading slicer computer. To undertake this quest, they must seek out a master slicer and ask about slicertools. Discussion of this quest in ANY fashion is punishable.
21 Hack Banks for Interest HM slicers can use the information network of the slicer computer to receive interest at banks. The same time limits apply as with Diplomat interest. Slicers who are also diplomats can receive interest on up to 2M credits, instead of the usual 1M.
25 Advanced Droid Construct HM slicers can construct more advanced droids. The delay is longer for these constructions, however.
25 Modify Ships HM slicers can make modifications to a ship, such as installing modules. Currently slicers can only add enhancements that exist elsewhere on the mud, but it is possible that slicer specific additions will be added later.
25 Overhaul Droids HM slicers can use a full toolbox to completely repair a damaged droid. This skill may only be used on a given droid once every 5 minutes.
30 Advanced Increase HM slicers can now increase security by 3 grade levels, not to exceed the maximum of grade 5.
30 Evict HM slicers in the Army can use a slicer computer at the main entrance of a condo complex to attempt to evict another Army PK from his/her condo. The player who is being thrown out must be aggressive to another PK and under 3 minutes idle.
30 Improved Construction HM slicers can construct a superior version of the IF model droid.
30 Advanced Droid Control HM slicers can use advanced slave modules, which can control up to 5 droid restraining bolts at one time, to issue more complex commands to a droid, such as action repetition.
35 Advanced Tamper * HM slicers have a better chance to succeed with a smaller chance of messing up the specshop as badly. They can also reset a specshop back to its original state, but there are restrictions on how often this can be done to a shop. This skill has not yet been coded.
40 Ion Pulse HM slicers can use a specially modified slicer computer with pulse emitter to emit an ionic pulse that will disable vehicles, damage and hinder improperly shielded droids, and damage or destroy certain unprotected electronic items. They must then wait 5 minutes for the emitter to recharge.
45 Detonate HM slicers can set a detonator to explode ships and vehicles within 20 to 60 seconds, or they can cancel previously set detonations. When they explode, the slicer receives a portion of its exp as a reward. If the ship or vehicle is occupied by non-killable persons, they should not be harmed.
45 Sabotage Ships * This skill has not yet been coded. This idea may be replaced by another.
50 Nanotechnology Ultimate HM slicers can build microscopic droids that can serve a variety of useful purposes.

For potential updates to the Slicer guild, see the Guild Changes update.

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