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SWMUD Scientists' Guild

The following is a brief description of Scientist skills:

Level Skill Description
1 Repair - Armor & Weapons Scientists can use a toolbox to repair all weapons and armor.
1 Surgery - First Aid Scientists or those who have done the first-aid quest can use a medkit perform first aid, using 1 bacta.
2 Repair - Droids Scientists can use a toolbox to repair all droids.
3 Repair - Vehicles Scientists can use a toolbox to repair all vehicles.
4 Repair - Ship Scientists can use a toolbox to repair all ships.
5 Scan Scientists can scan a ship and determine its specs, though those of low ability have been known to estimate specs wrong. Scientists can scan:
  • max. engine speed
  • # of engine upgrades
  • current and max. hull strength
  • # of hull upgrades
7 Surgery - Minor Scientists can use a medkit to perform minor surgeries, using 2 bacta.
8 Construct Scientists can construct an item with some required components and a toolbox. Generally, a half hour delay between constructions signifies the time it takes to construct the object, though some items have a longer delay.
9 Security Devices Scientists have a knowledge of security devices and skills, allowing them to lockpick, break into ships and reset ship codes, change transponders, and decrypt.
10 Zoology Scientists have a knowledge of animal behavior that allows them to move near aggressive animals without being attacked.
11 Poisons Scientists can use poisons if they have a syringe. Each colored fluid has a different effect (some helpful). However, scientists who are not skilled at injecting will likely break the syringe in the process of using it.
13 Surgery - Major Scientists can use a medkit to perform major surgeries, using 3 bacta.
15 Diagnose Scientists can learn certain details about another being's health by examining them. HM scientists can discern more information than mortal scientists.
16 Explosives Scientists can set off and disarm most types of explosives.
17 Rig Bombs Scientists can rig a blaster into a bomb if they also have a toolbox. Scientists with little skill in this process run the risk of overloading the blaster and taking damage from the resultant explosion.
18 Anatomy Scientists can direct their attacks toward the more vital areas of the body, causing more damage.
19 Surgery - Cureall Scientists can use a medkit to perform cureall surgeries, using 5 bacta. Due to the enormous amount of strain it puts on the patient, a cureall can be performed on any given patient once every 10 minutes.
20 Improved Healing HM scientists can now use a medkit while in combat. Out of combat, HM scientists use fewer doses when performing surgeries and also get less drugged. There is no separate skill for this ability.
21 Improve - Armor & Weapons HM scientists can use a full toolbox to improve the power of a weapon or piece of armor.
25 Detach Remote HM scientists can detach a remote controlling device from a bomb that they are holding. With the remote, anybody with sufficient knowledge of bombs can remotely detonate the bomb from anywhere on the mud.
25 Toolkit Quest High Mortal scientists can construct an autoloading scientist toolkit containing a multi-purpose purifier and a medical scanner.
30 Modify Explosives HM scientists can modify bombs to have added explosive effects, e.g. ion effect, napalm effect, etc.
30 Set Up Temporary Lab HM scientists can set up a temporary HM lab in the room they are currently in. All HM scientists will be able to use this temporary lab until the room resets.
35 Manufacture - Drugs HM scientists can manufacture illegal drugs for distribution or recreational use.
35 Manufacture - Patches HM scientists can manufacture transdermal patches in an appropriately equipped laboratory, though the process is quite time-consuming and can only be used successfully every 5 minutes.
40 Bioengineering HM scientists can install various bionic implants into willing patients.
45 DNA Manipulation HM scientists can take a DNA sample from a recent corpse and manipulate it to develop a virus or retrovirus that will affect only members of the same species that the sample was taken from.
50 Duplicate Item Ultimate HM scientists can take an item to a properly set up laboratory and, with the use of a full toolbox, make a duplicate of any carryable item on the mud. However, scientists who are not used to performing this procedure have been known to destroy the original item after failed attempts.

For potential updates to the Scientist guild, see the Guild Changes update.

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