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Tractor Beams

A tractor beam is a modified force field that can immobilize and move objects caught within its influence. An emitting tower, called a tractor beam projector, produces the beams, though range and strength are determined by the power source that runs it.

Tractor beams serve a number of important functions. In spaceports and hangar bays, tractor beams help guide ships to a safe landing. Salvage vessels, cargo haulers, emergency craft, and engineering ventures all employ tractor beams to assist them in their jobs.

On military ships, tractor beams can be used to capture enemy vessels or simply hold them in place while offensive weaponry can be brought to bear.

Tractor beams automatically disable the weapons systems of the target ship. You can attempt to escape from tractor beams by trying to change speeds.

Commands relating to tractor beams:
lock (ship) - level 19: If the ship is equipped with tractor beams it will attempt to lock onto the ship. You must be within 250 to use tractor beams.
release - Releases the tractor beam.
drag - level 30: Drags the enemy ship closer to your own ship, in order to attempt a capture. The target ship have the beam locked onto it first.
capture (bay) - level 35: Forces ship under tractor beam to land in designated landing bay. The target ship must be within 50.

Additional Skill:
escape from tractor beams - level 12: This is done automatically if you change speeds while caught in a tractor beam.

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