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SWMUD Pilots' Guild

The following is a brief description of Pilot skills:

Level Skill Description
1 Beast Riding Pilots have the ability to ride various animals for transportation. Certain animals can also be told to attack adversaries. Some animals require pilots to be higher than level 1 before they can be ridden.
1 Piloting - Shuttles Pilots can fly Sluissi or public shuttles and Z95's (on Newbiway and Ithor). Please read through the help files for Newbie Pilots.
1 Scan Pilots can scan a ship and determine its specs, though those of low ability have been known to estimate specs wrong. Pilots can scan:
  • max. engine speed
  • # of engine upgrades
  • current & max. shield strength
  • # of shield upgrades
  • current and max. hull strength
  • # of hull upgrades
  • weapon strength of each turret
  • current & max. # of missiles
  • whether it has a cloaking device
  • whether it has an interdiction field
  • whether it has a tractor beam
  • any broken devices
  • any missing escape pods
2 Vehicles - Ground Speeders Pilots can drive speeder bikes, landspeeders, and other vehicles, enabling them to travel faster and with more firepower, and sometimes with extra protection. They can be refueled at powertaps (like GONKs).
3 Turrets - Ground Speeders Pilots can use the turrets of all ground speeders.
4 Piloting - Fighters Pilots can fly Sluissi fighters, TIE fighters, X-Wings, Y-wings, A-wings, etc.
4 Repair - Ships Pilots can repair their ships that they know how to fly with standard toolboxes. Pilots will use more parts than a scientist, but less than a merchant, to complete these repairs.
5 Hyperspace Astrogation Pilots can use a hyperdrive to exceed the speed of light and enter a dimension that takes advantage of the wrinkles in the fabric of "real-space". Pilots must use the hyperspace map to plan their hyp-jumps in order to avoid the mass shadows of objects in "real-space".
5 Vehicles - Walkers Pilots can drive walkers, such as AT-ATs and AT-STs.
6 Turrets - Walkers Pilots can use the turrets of all walkers.
7 Emergency Stop Pilots can attempt to stop their ship using experienced maneuvers. However, on many occasions, damage is sustained by the ship's engines.
7 Repair - Vehicles Pilots can repair vehicles that they know how to drive with standard toolboxes. Pilots will use more parts than a scientist, but less than a merchant, to complete these repairs.
7 See Shield Damage on Ships Pilots are able to judge the status of another ships' shields.
8 Vehicles - Skiffs Pilots can drive skiffs.
9 Turrets - Skiffs Pilots can use the turrets of all skiffs.
9 Piloting - Freighters Pilots can fly Sluissi freighters, YT-2400s, the Milennium Falcon, etc.
10 Ship Missiles Pilots can fire missiles and torpedoes from ships. These do more damage than lasers, but they travel more slowly. You can also restock missiles.
11 Vehicles - Air Speeders Pilots can drive swoops, cloud cars, and other air speeders.
12 Tractor Beams - Escape Pilots can try to escape from a tractor beam lock by changing speeds.
12 Turrets - Air Speeders Pilots can use the turrets of all air speeders.
14 Hyperspace Trail - Trace Pilots can program a ship's scanning computer to plot the likely hyperspace exit vectors of ships that have recently passed through a system. NOTE: This skill is only available to player killers (Army and Navy).
16 Piloting - Capital Ships Pilots can fly Sluissi capital ships, Star Destroyers, Mon Calamari Cruisers, etc.
17 Cloaking Pilots can install an experimental device to cloak the ship when traveling, allowing it to move undetected in and out of star systems. The massive energy drain of being cloaked prevents the firing of weapons and disables the shields. See bridge commands for more information.
17 Vehicles - Water Speeders * Pilots can drive all water speeders. (This skill is not yet coded.)
18 Turrets - Water Speeders * Pilots can use the turrets of all water speeders. (This skill is not yet coded.)
19 Tractor Beams - Locking Pilots can now actually use tractor beams to acquire a lock on a target ship.
20 Interdiction Field HM pilots can use an interdiction field generator to prevent ships from hyperspacing out of the system.
21 Hyperspace Trail - Mask HM pilots may program their hyperspace systems so that it masks their hyperspace trail. Anyone possibly tracking their exit vector will see either a false trail or one so confusing that any analysis program will be unable to determine the real exit vector. Depending on how skilled the pilot is, it will automatically be triggered during a hyperspace jump.
21 Remodel HM pilots can remodel a ship room they are standing in. This means that the ship's room description will be changed to whatever the player desires. Please keep the descs short and proper though!
25 Ejection Seat * This skill is not yet coded.
25 Upgrade Ships HM pilots can upgrade their ship above normal levels.
30 Tractor Beams - Drag HM pilots can drag a ship caught in a tractor beam closer to the pilot's ship.
35 Tractor Beams - Capture HM pilots can bring a ship caught in a tractor beam into the given bay room.
40 Ion Torpedoes * HM pilots can use ion torpedoes to disable other ships. This skill has not yet been coded.
45 Fast Trigger HM pilots toggle on the possibility of making several shots in quick succession without a skill delay. However, those who are new to the skill have been known to break or overheat the bridge weapons so that they cannot fire at all.
50 Remote Control Ultimate HM pilots can use a remote control device to slave a ship so that they can pilot it from anywhere in the galaxy. This device makes use of special hyperspace comm transmitters that must be leased each reboot. The device has a help screen with more detailed information, such as how to contact the Leasing Agency.

For potential updates to the Pilot guild and Space, see the Project List update.

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