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SWMUD Merchants' Guild

The following is a brief description of Merchant skills:

Level Skill Description
1 Scour Merchants can scour the ground near shopkeepers and cabbies on the off chance that they will find some credits on the ground.
3 Shopinfo Merchants learn information about how a shop, be it a specshop or otherwise, does buisiness. Information you might receive: how much money is left in the shop, who the shop will or won't sell to, who the shop is partnered with, etc. If a shop has no real unusual business practices, you probably won't see much information.
4 Appraise Merchants can attempt to determine the value of a specified item, an approximate amount of what they will receive for the item if sold at a shop. Smuggler appraisals are slightly different, so players who are both Merchant and Smuggler will see both sets of information.
5 Merchant Advertisements Merchants may put up advertisements that all players on the MUD can read from anywhere. The advertisements will be stored over reboots, but they can only be read while the merchant is online.
5 Discounts - Specshop Merchants will be given a 10% discount on any items purchased from specshops whose stock levels are a little on the low side. This discount is compatable with wholesale.
6 Wholesale Purchase Merchants can buy more than one item at a time from a general store, up to a maximum quantity of 20. The more items bought at one time, the higher the wholesale discount the merchant receives.
7 Fling Merchants can attempt to escape a pursuer by flinging credits and running while the pursuer is distracted. The amount of money flung is determined by the monster's level.
7 Repair Merchants can use part of a toolbox to repair things. Primary merchants can repair anything. Secondary merchants can repair certain items, based upon their primary guild.
8 Vend Merchants can sell items to monsters. The monster will spend money from its carried stash, or withdraw some of its banked funds if broke. The sold item becomes worthless after vending. After a monster has made its purchase, it will stop buying.
9 Combine Merchants can use part of a toolbox to combine a number of items in order to form a more useful version of those items. The difficulty of a combination determines the delay before a merchant may begin the next combination. Some items may not be combined for various reasons.
11 Haggle Merchants can haggle for better prices in shops. Those with little proficiency at haggling have been known to come out on the worse end of the deal, though.
11 Meddle Merchants can attempt to meddle with specshop vendors, so that more items can be bought or at a lower cost. In cases of failure, the opposite has been known to happen.
13 Reinforce Merchants can reinforce a weapon's components to last longer so that, instead of breaking from use, it only loses its reinforcement and remains in good condition.
13 Resize Merchants can use a toolbox to resize any piece of armor to be smaller or larger than it was.
14 Discounts - Sluissi contracts Merchants will now also receive a significant discount when purchasing Sluissi ship contracts.
15 Swindle Merchants can attempt to swindle a shopkeeper and thus sell an item for considerably more than the merchant would otherwise receive. The merchant can also attempt to receive credits for worthless and very low-cost items. This skill cannot be used with vehicles, animals, or ships, and does not work in conjunction with haggle.
16 Selling Condos Merchants can buy players condos and later sell them to a new owner. Merchants cannot access these condos themselves. Merchants can store a maximum of five condos per condo selling office.
17 Alter Merchants can use a toolbox to alter the weight or value of an item so that it either weighs less than before or increases in value. This can only be done once per item. Some items cannot be altered for various reasons.
18 Specshop Connections Merchants have access to the warehouses that supply the specshops of the galaxy. In order to make purchases from the warehouses, merchants must obtain a merchants' datapad to list the items available, and their cost and quantity.
19 Merchant Stock Exchange Merchants can buy and sell stock in various corporations. Stocks will increase or decrease in price according to demand as well as the occasional market fluctuation. (BEETS replaces the now defunct MIIF.)
19 Rent Shop Merchants can pay a fee to rent an available storefront to stock items for purchase, from which they can collect the credits from the register. Storefronts are rentable on a first-come, first-serve basis.
20 Higher Carry Capacity HM merchants achieve a higher maximum carry capacity, which increases slightly by level. ('Carry capacity' is how much weight your character can carry.)
20 Advanced Combine HM merchants are more advanced at combining, making even lighter and more valuable items through combination.
20 Improved Reinforce HM merchants can now perform stronger reinforcements upon a weapon.
21 ID HM merchants can gain very good information about items that they have on their person, or in the same room as them. ID uses the appraise skill percentage.
21 Improve Armor HM merchants can improve upon the protection of armor with the use of a full toolbox. However, failing an improve has been known to damage armor, sometimes beyond repair.
21 Merchant Shipping HM merchants can ship items to a player or a player's condo. A shipping fee does apply unless the merchant also has diplomat mail services.
25 Autoloading Container Quest * HM merchants can quest to obtain an autoloading container specially designed for them that is nearly weightless but fits many items inside it. Somewhere on Bimmisaari is a secret entrance to a special area. Only HM Merchants of sufficient level are able to find the entrance, and the quest may only be tried once per reboot.
This quest is in balance currently and is not yet open.
25 Own Shop HM merchants can open their own shop. The shop can be located nearly anywhere in the galaxy as long as it is a logical place and the planet's caretaker approves. The shop will come with an assistant that will deal with all the transactions.
30 Personalize HM merchants can personalize an armor or weapon once to either themselves or another player.
30 Stock Store HM merchants gain an add-on to their existing shop that acts as a specshop. The merchant is capable of stocking the shop with items from the same warehouse as accessed by the specshop connections skill. NOTE: A number of player skills such as wholesale, diplomatic discounts, tamper, and advanced haggle will not work on stocked shops.
35 Improved Alter HM merchants can alter the name of an item to be a non-descript general name for that type of item. They can also increase the carry capacity of a container.
40 Improved Stock Store HM merchants can choose from a wider selection of stock.
45 Extortion HM merchants have learned enough information about their competitors to use it against those who engage in illegal activities. Merchants can force a smuggler cabbie to deposit a portion of his profits into the merchant's bank account. The smuggler will only deposit funds while the merchant is online. This skill is usable once every 10 minutes.
45 Realtor At level 45, a merchant is capable of branching out into inter-planetary real estate investments. A merchant at this level may obtain a new HM home adjacent to his HM shop or, if he already has a home there, can get another home somewhere else. To shuttle to the new home, the merchant can 'signal merchant' with his beeper.
50 Hostile Takeover Ultimate HM merchants can devote all their financial assets toward taking over another business. Once the business has been acquired, the merchant will gain a portion of its profits every time he enters his acquisition. Failed attempts to acquire another business have been known to result in lengthy legal battles. This skill may only be used every 12 hours. NOTE: At this time, it can only be used on shuttles. More things will be added in the future.

For potential updates to the Merchant guild, see the Guild Changes update.

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