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Syntax: combine (exact formula)
Example: combine blast armors, pants, and boots

Combine allows a merchant of high enough level to combine a number of items to form a more useful version of those items. This skill requires parts from a toolbox. The time delay between successful combinations is dependant upon how difficult the combination done is for the merchant. The following formulas have the displayed results:

Combine (formula): To Form:
medkits large medkit
utility belt and bag survival pack
blast armors, pants, and boots blast suit
ammo extra ammo cartridge
blaster pistols modified double-barreled blaster
wampa arm and glove shreader
syringe and poison poison dart
rocket parts and slave module jetpack
shields and power converter shield boost

The following combinations are only possible for High Mortal Merchants at level 20 or above.

HM Combine (formula): To Form:
staves and powercell charged merchant staff
armor and personal shield reflective armor (enhanced)
stormtrooper armors, belt, and mask stormtrooper uniform

Trying to combine any of the formulas without having the parts will inform you exactly what parts you need for that combination.

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