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SWMUD Mercenaries' Guild

The following is a brief description of Mercenary skills:

Level Skill Description
1 Blasters - point blank, short range Only mercenaries get to use blasters. Mercenaries can initially use them at point blank range and short ranges.
1 Wimpy Direction Mercenaries are told which direction they wimpied to if their wimpy direction is set to 'out', which chooses a random exit. Any player can set their own wimpy direction.
3 EQ Mercenaries can quickly look over their inventory and locate worn armor and wielded weapons. It also shows them what armor slots are yet to be filled.
3 Punch Mercenaries gain the ability to deal out effective punches.
3 Turrets (all) Mercenaries may operate and fire from the turrets of ships and vehicles.
5 Advanced Hand to Hand Combat Mercenaries do more damage in unarmed combat. This skill is automatic. Assassins are slightly better with this skill than mercenaries. If the player is both mercenary and assassin, the skill is even more effective.
5 Blasters - medium range Mercenaries can now fire blasters at medium range.
7 Grenades Mercenaries can lob explosive grenades. Once you've armed a grenade, you need only lob it in a direction or drop it and run.
9 Battle Alertness Mercenaries know their abilities and equipment so well that they can choose to pay attention and know exactly when they can use special skills again.
9 Blasters - long range Mercenaries can now fire blasters long range.
9 Ditch Mercenaries can ditch a specified pursuer. The skill will assume the current aggressive pursuer, if one exists, else the user must specify the target to be ditched.
10 Blaster Repair Mercenaries can repair their own blasters, but unlike scientists, mercenaries need a full toolbox.
11 Tweak Blasters Mercenaries can modify the barrel of a blaster to give it additional range. This skill requires a full toolbox and some scrap metal.
13 Blasters - extreme range Mercenaries can now fire blasters at an extremely long range.
13 Dodge Mercenaries can avoid being hit by blaster fire from a distance. This skill cannot be used in close range combat.
16 Explosives Mercenaries can set off and disarm most types of explosives.
17 Ammo Construct Mercenaries have the ability to construct light and heavy ammo using scrap, part of a toolbox, and any nearby powertap.
19 Advanced EQ Mercenaries now get a rough idea of how well their armor protects.
19 Pin-point Accuracy Mercenaries have a chance of aiming their blaster with pin-point accuracy and causing additional damage to a target.
20 Ammobelt Quest HM mercenaries can quest to obtain an autoloading ammobelt from which they can recharge blasters. It has to be recharged each log in. The quest begins on planet Gamorr and can be attempted only once per reboot.
20 Higher Wimpy HM mercenaries can set their wimpy as high as 70%.
21 Improve Blasters HM mercenaries can use a toolbox to improve the power of ranged weapons, thus slightly increasing the damage they are capable of. However, failing an improve has been known to damage weapons, possibly beyond repair.
21 Rescue HM mercenaries can rescue another player from his or her attacker(s). They will begin taking the blows of the attackers after a successful rescue. However, they cannot rescue someone of the opposite alignment.
25 Advanced Aiming HM mercenaries now have a greater chance of hitting their target than mercenaries of lesser advancement.
25 Advanced Ammo Construct HM mercenaries know more about ammunition and thus can construct more sophisticated ammunition cartridges.
30 Sprint HM mercenaries can quickly sprint from one place to another. How far they can sprint depends on mercenary level, improving every 5 levels until level 50. Sprinting can wear you out, causing slight damage, therefore those in poor health cannot sprint.
30 Suicidal Assault HM mercenaries who know they can take the beating have the ability to ignore all defense in order to dish out more punishment.
35 Thermal Detonators HM mercenaries can now use thermal detonators to do massive damage to their surroundings. Caution is advised. They can be lobbed in a direction or just dropped, though they will not explode until you let go.
40 Haste HM mercenaries can sacrifice strength and stamina to enhance dexterity.
40 Spray HM mercenaries wielding a blaster can hose down an area, hitting everyone else in the room with whom they are in combat, or possibly everyone in the room that they are capable of attacking, regardless of whether those people are friends or foes.
45 Ambush HM mercenaries can set up clever ambushes that stun a target, allowing them to deal greater damage during the initial strike. However, sometimes the target sees the ambush in advance and the mercenary is taken by surprise, momentarily stunned by how badly the ambush failed.
50 Double Damage Ultimate HM mercenaries have 2 chances of doing damage to their opponent per round of combat. This skill is automatic, but does NOT automatically double the damage of the first hit. (This skill is meant to emulate wielding 2 weapons at once. This is as close as SWmud gets to 'dual wieldability'.)

For potential updates to the Mercenary guild, see the Guild Changes update.

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