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Sense [neutral]

Syntax: sense (what)

This ability has multiple uses, each of which is described below:

sense force tells how the Force "feels" in an area.
sense (object) tells what you can sense about an object through the Force.
sense (living) gives you information about a particular being.
sense farsight toggles on or off the capacity to sense being watched through farsight.
sense disturbance toggles on or off the capacity to sense others near you and major events through the Force.
sense jedi compares you to the other Jedi in the system.

Level 5+ Jedi have the basic ability to sense the Force or objects around them in the area. They can also use sense in combat to assess their opponents.

Level 8+ Jedi may do remote sensing of objects and living things, by doing: sense (what) (direction). The maximum distance they may sense is one room at eighth level, going up one more room every two levels after that.

Level 8+ Jedi also have the ability to sense whether or not they are being watched through farsight. The default is NOT to sense being watched.

Level 9+ Jedi can sense disturbances in the Force. To use this, type sense disturbance and it will be activated. You will be notified when there is a disturbance in the Force - such as a major event happening in the universe or when an opposite aligned Jedi enters the planet. To deactivate it, type it again and it will be turned off.

Level 12+ Jedi can tell if another Jedi is on the planet and the alignment equivalents. (ex: You sense 3 dark Jedi which are equal in power and 1 dark Jedi which is stronger than you.)

Level 15+ Jedi become capable of sensing living beings anywhere on the same planet. Note that this may fail with some monsters, since monsters are not always loaded.

Level 21+ HM Jedi, in addition to the other information obtained from sense (living), can also detect whether a living being is poisoned and aggressive to the Jedi or not.

Battle Sense [neutral]

Syntax: bsense

Jedi can use their sense ability in combat to sense the condition of their current opponent. This skill is only usable in combat.

See also: blook

Enhanced Sense [neutral]

Syntax: esense

Level 35+ HM Jedi have an enhanced ability to sense which other players are currently on the same planet, also indicating their jedi alignment and relative health.

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