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Jedi Teachers


Primary Jedi of level 30 or greater may try to become Jedi Teachers as well. Not all Jedi are suited for this great responsibility and therefore the path is hard and long. You will need to prove your worth at many places.

You are expected to take this journey completely alone, although there might be times when you will need help with transportation. This much will be granted to you, but you must not reveal the purpose of your trip.

To become a proper Jedi Teacher, you will need a holocron. There are not many left in the galaxy, and knowledge of these artifacts has long been forgotten. However, there is an ewok on Endor who might be able to give you some very valuable information. Be sure to carry an Ornate Staff so he will recognize you for who you are... and may the Force be with you!

Once you have completed the quest, you can teach any jedi skills you know to fellow team members, and you will also get access to your third guild line.

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