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Jedi Sponsors

Aspiring Jedi and those Jedi who are not fully trained in the ways of the Force require a fully trained Jedi as a sponsor. An apprentice is required to advance as a Jedi until he or she has reached level 19 as a Jedi, at which time he or she no longer requires a sponsor.

High Mortals who are at least 20th level Jedi may sponsor apprentices. Secondary High Mortal Jedi may sponsor 2 apprentices at any given time. Primary Jedi may sponsor 5 apprentices, and Jedi Teachers may sponsor 8 apprentices at any one time.

A Jedi apprentice's sponsor must be affiliated with the same side of the Force as his or her sponsor - Dark Jedi may not take Light Jedi or those aspiring to be Light Jedi as apprentices. If an apprentice changes Jedi alignment for whatever reason, he or she automatically loses his/her sponsor, and must seek a new sponsor. Similarly, if a sponsor switches Jedi alignment, he or she automatically loses all his/her apprentices, and those apprentices must seek a new sponsor. Additionally, if the sponsor renounces his/her membership in the Jedi guild or suicides, apprentices are similarly abandoned to seek a new sponsor.

To sponsor an apprentice, both sponsor and apprentice must be in the same room. This can be done on Coruscant. In the unlikely event that an apprentice is found unsuitable by the sponsor for whatever reason, a sponsor may unsponsor an apprentice. Please note that once unsponsored in this manner, the sponsor can never again sponsor the same aspiring Jedi. Sponsors are also able to look up who they have unsponsored.

Two lists of those High Mortal Jedi available to sponsor padawans or apprentices are available on Coruscant. The lists show how many apprentices/padawans each sponsor has and how many each can sponsor.  This should help aspiring Jedi find a sponsor and help non-Jedi HMs avoid questions. Note that a HIgh Mortal Jedi may choose not to be listed, shown as 'unregistered' on the lists. The lists also show sponsors who are inactive, meaning they have not logged in for at least 3 months.

This addition does not alter where a Jedi advances, or how a Jedi learns skills - it merely places an additional requirement on aspiring Jedi - namely, finding a High Mortal Jedi/Sith willing and able to sponsor the aspiring Jedi. It also does not change the fact that Jedi Master locations are secret.

NOTE: Apprentices will be able to disapprentice themselves from their current sponsor if they choose, but they will never again be able to apprentice themself to a Jedi sponsor whom they chose to leave. Choose wisely.

Notes on how to achieve Jedi or Sith sponsorship:

Politeness and patience goes a LONG way to becoming a Jedi or Sith for those who are truly dedicated. Just shouting "I wanna be a Jedi." isn't going to get you an HM sponsorship 'slot' (as the HMs tend to refer to them). All of the HMs have heard it, and are tired of being demanded to give it to you just because you think you deserve it over everyone else. So, here's what you should do:

  1. Decide whether you want to be Jedi (light) or Sith (dark).
  2. Find the sponsorship lists on Coruscant for the corresponding alignment. Find the names of HM Jedi sponsors who have sponsorship slots. You may or may not be able to see whether they have slots available currently. Please don't bother those who aren't the right alignment for what you want or who aren't Jedi at all.
  3. BEFORE you send a tell to any of those HM players who may be online at the time, finger the player(s) online to see if they have any special 'instructions' in their title, description, or plan. Please follow those requests, as reasonably as possible. Most of the HM sponsors have resorted to using such things to weed out those players who aren't respectful or patient.
  4. Once you have those requirements, then either speak to or mail the HM player in question (whichever the individual says s/he prefers) to request consideration for sponsorship. Even if they don't have a slot right now, some HMs will maintain a waiting list, and some will just take those who happen to be around at the time they have a slot available.

For example, the webmaster's character's own personal Sponsoree requirements are that you: 1) have met the mud's requirements to be sponsored, 2) have not been in trouble with Law, 3) must play and level regularly, AND must let me know if you need to take an extended leave of absense from the mud, 4) must have at least 2 days of online time, 5) and must mudmail me the request, not send tells.

I made those requirements because I have had multiple new players say 'I want to be a Dark Jedi!', and then when I have a sponsorship slot, that new player hasn't logged in since the day they made the request. It happens too often - so now I require the 2 days of online time before I will sponsor new players. I also despise people that 'just HAD to be a Dark Jedi', and then once they get the sponsorship slot they don't come back and play; they think it will be there whenever they want. I don't play that way - if you wanted it so badly, then you will work for it regularly or you WILL be unsponsored. There are always other people waiting, and I refuse to keep an apprentice around who isn't playing or isn't leveling.

So, the point is that each HM sponsor is different. You need to find an HM Jedi of the appropriate alignment, then meet their personal requirements, and then politely make a request for sponsorship. You will get much farther with all of the HMs that way. And believe me, we do discuss amongst ourselves which newbies have been more annoying than polite. Be polite and patient, and the HM sponsors will thank you for it... and then it probably won't be too long before you find a willing HM sponsor.

Padawan and Apprentice Channels

Once sponsored, the Jedi sponsor and apprentice(s) will have a private line on which they may talk, to ask questions or to chat: Light Jedi have a <padawan> line. Dark Jedi (Sith) have an <apprentice> line.

NOTE: Aspiring Dark Jedi who have a Dark sponsor but have not yet leveled in the guild will see and use <padawan> until they do go level at one of the Dark masters, at which point it will turn into <apprentice>. This is not a bug; it is a default setting for when a character has 0 for its Jedi alignment.

To access this line, HM Jedi should type sponsor and newly apprenticed players should type sponsored. This will load the object that allows you to use the line. From that point on, you should see a message each time you log in that informs you of your access to the line. If you lose the object, typing the commands above should reload it.

These lines work just the same as other lines of communication on the MUD.

  • To see who is listening on the line, type list padawan or list apprentice, as is appropriate.
  • To speak on the lines, type padawan (msg) or apprentice (msg), as is appropriate.
  • To emote on the lines, type padawanemote (msg) or apprenticeemote (msg), as is appropriate.
  • To turn the line off or on, type the name of the line (padawan or apprentice, as is appropriate).

Some differences about these lines from most:

  • You will see when others listening to the line connect and disconnect. (Clan-lines also have this feature.)
  • These lines are not currently listed in the mlines command. This may be added in the future.
  • These lines are not considered public lines, so cursing MAY be acceptable. This will depend upon the other people on the line. If someone complains to Law, it is still punishable. Think before you swear.
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