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Jedi Masters

The most powerful Jedi Knights eventually evolve into Jedi Masters. Jedi Masters are teachers and miracle-workers of extreme power and ability. Jedi Masters have moved beyond the need for weapons such as lightsabers, preferring to depend solely on the Force to give them strength.

A High Mortal Jedi may attempt to become a primary Jedi, thus marking him/her as a Jedi Master.

Your primary level and Jedi level must be equal for you to try this quest. So the minimum that your levels must be at is 20/20. You cannot be over level 40 to complete the quest, as you would be too old and set in your ways to undertake the training.

The purpose of the quest is to build yourself a lightsaber. To find out how exactly does one build a lightsaber, you must seek out a Jedi Master and ask them about it. They will tell you all the information you need.

As a primary Jedi, you will pay secondary experience (2x) for your Jedi levels, instead of Jedi experience (3x). You may also take on 5 padawans/apprentices now.

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