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History of the Jedi Knights

When the Old Republic first came into existance, the Jedi Knights were there to protect it. They were the guardians of justice and freedom, the most respected and powerful force for good for over a thousand generations.

While the Jedi were known for their supernatural skill with lightsabers, their real power came from their ability to tap into and manipulate the Force. Jedi Knights defended the Old Republic from all threats, including the proponents of the Clone Wars, but there was one threat they could not stand against—internal corruption.

First the Republic itself fell to the corruption of its leaders, and the Empire was born.

Then, before the Knights could move against him, Emperor Palpatine used one of their own to destroy the Jedi. Through treachery, deception, and the actions of the corrupted Jedi Knight called Darth Vader, the Jedi Knighthood was exterminated.

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