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About the SWMUD Jedi guild

The Jedi guild is probably the most unique and yet difficult guild on SWMud. This guild can only be a secondary guild until HM levels, when you can finally quest to become a Jedi Master. The Jedi guild may be entered after one advances to level 5 or higher in their primary guild. Since they receive better abilities and more powerful skills, Jedi are charged 3 times the cost of what advancing in their primary guild costs. To be able to advance one's Jedi level, a player must first find a Jedi sponsor and then an appropriate Jedi Master. This makes it more difficult to become a Jedi and advance within the guild, but it is well worth the patience it requires.

Not only is the Jedi guild more difficult, but it also is the most unique guild on SWMud. There are two types of Jedi, those who follow the light path and those who follow the dark path (Sith). As with the portrayal of Jedi in the Star Wars movies and books, the dark side is easier and much more alluring than the light side. The dark side skills are stronger and more pain-inflicting than those of the light side. This is because the light side is good and peaceful, not selfish, power-driven, or destructive, etc. "Beware of the forces of Evil......"

As mentioned above, these forces of evil are VERY powerful. Light Jedi may use some of the dark side skills, but they constantly run the risk of joining the dark side. Using too many dark side powers will begin to destroy the goodness of the Jedi. In other words, the more the Jedi uses dark side powers, the more evil and twisted they become, possibly even slipping to the dark side. There is no penalty to switch from the light path to the dark side. Please see jedi_alignment for details on penalties associated with dark Jedi returning to the light.

At level 20, a jedi may choose a specific aspect (discipline) of the Force to study in greater detail. Please see jedi_disciplines for more information on this topic.

  • Joining: A prospective Jedi must be at least level 5 in their primary guild to advance and must find a willing Jedi Sponsor, and then successfully complete a search to find a Jedi Master who will train you.
  • Skills: Those of the light side can use some dark side skills and vice versa, at a cost.
  • Experience: Cost is 3x regular cost to advance as a Jedi.
  • Powers: Sith (dark Jedi) have more destructive powers. (Light) Jedi have more healing and defensive abilities.
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