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Frequently Asked Questions about being a Jedi on SWmud

Welcome to the Jedi guild. Here are the things you must know to get started.

You must be level 5 in your primary guild before you can join the Jedi. Additonally, before you may advance in the guild, you must seek another Jedi player to sponsor you as a padawan or apprentice. Full details are given in the Jedi sponsors file. You join the guild by visiting one of the Jedi masters and advancing as you do in normal guild halls.

Once you advance, type learn. This will give you a listing of the skills which you can train to use at your Jedi master. Type train (skill) to train them. For a list of Jedi skills, see the Jedi guild page. You must also be at the correct Jedi Master, e.g. Obi-wan won't teach lightning.

At level 20, a Jedi may opt to study a particular aspect (discipline) of the Force.

NOTE: Some of the skills indicated are taught by different masters than the ones listed below. Typing train (skill) will inform you who teaches a particular skill. If it does not, please inform the Head of Jedi.

Jedi Masters

Level Light Master Dark Master
1-7 Obi-wan Freedon Nadd
8-14 Yoda Darth Vader
15+ Luke Skywalker Emperor or Exar Kun

You can look up the general locations of these Jedi Masters, but their exact locations on-planet are secret, so you must find them on your own. You must also seek your own way to the planet if it is a hidden planet.

NOTE: Due to abuse, Jedi skills are not usable on Coruscant or the team shuttles, which are considered part of Coruscant. Please do not report this as a bug.

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