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SWMUD Jedi Guild

For instructions on how to become Jedi or Sith, please read the Jedi FAQ.
A Jedi or Sith below level 19 in the Jedi guild must have a Jedi or Sith sponsor to advance.

Jedi alignment determines whether you are able to use Jedi or Sith skills. Skills labeled in white may be used by all force-users, regardless of Jedi alignment. Skills labeled in blue may only be used by Jedi (light Jedi), and those labeled in red may only be used by Sith (dark Jedi), unless the skill is marked with a . The symbol indicates that force-users of the opposite alignment may attempt to use the marked skill, but it will affect their Jedi alignment adversely.

The following is a brief description of Jedi and Sith abilities:

Level Skill Description
1 Practice Sabers Jedi are able to wield only practice sabers until learning saber melee at level 5. All practice sabers are pink.
3 AC improvement Jedi have a natural armor class (equal to 1/4 of their Jedi level, rounded down) due to their ability to sense attacks and their Force-heightened abilities at dodging.
3 Telepathy Jedi have an easier time communicating by using the normal communication commands at half the social point cost. This power does not apply to shouts or emotes.
4 Calm Light Jedi can send an attacker soothing thoughts to calm him down so he will discontinue the attack. HM Jedi attain a new level of control, and calm becomes much more effective for them. Dark Jedi may use this ability, with a penalty.
4 Inflict Pain Dark Jedi can focus their internal hatred toward their victim, inflicting pain upon them.
5 Melee Sabers Jedi may wield all mortal sabers. The colors in order of strength are: violet, orange, yellow, blue, red, and green.
5 Basic Sense Jedi can sense the Force in an area. (This is only useful in some areas.)
6 Create Fear Light jedi can focus their voice through the Force to create the fearful sound of a Krayt Dragon. Easily scared enemies will run away.
7 Lift Jedi have the ability to move objects in the area through telekinesis.
7 Focus Light Jedi can focus their energies to receive double Jedi alignment bonuses from the use of Light-side skills, while being unable to use Dark-side skills. There is no percentage associated to this skill.
8 Improved Sense Jedi can sense when another player is seeing them through the Force, unless the seeing Jedi is significantly more advanced in Jedi level. Jedi can also sense other objects or beings in adjacent rooms to get a feeling for them through the Force.
8 Heal Self Light Jedi can heal their injuries through the Force without need of bacta. For reasons of game balance, this command does add to the druggedness of the character healed.
9 Autowield Jedi gain the ability to autowield their sabers after one round of battle as long as they have a saber in their inventory and nothing else is currently wielded.
9 Sense Disturbances Jedi can sense disturbances in the Force. You will be notified when there is a disturbance in the force - such as the death of a Jedi Master or when someone arrives on the planet.
10 Project thoughts Jedi can project their emotions across the universe to a specified recipient.
The command, emat, is short for 'emote at'.
10 Accelerate Healing Light Jedi may heal others as long as the recipient is not Sith.
10 Anger Dark Jedi can focus on their anger to receive a temporary boost to their hit points. This boost only lasts two minutes, after which the Sith will weaken, perhaps losing even more hit points than were originally gained.
11 Choke Dark Jedi can use their powers of telekinesis to choke someone. If you are in combat you don't need an argument to attack your opponent; otherwise, the argument named is the target. Light Jedi may use this ability, with a penalty.
12 Sense Jedi Jedi can tell if other Jedi are on the planet, which alignment they are, and their Jedi level relative to you.
13 Compel Jedi can attempt through the Force to compel a weak-minded being to perform an action. Due to the concentration required, this skill can only be used once a minute.
14 Block Blaster Fire Jedi can block blaster shots with a lightsaber.
14 Throw Dark Jedi can throw objects in the area or adjacent rooms telekinetically. Light Jedi may use this ability, with a penalty.
14 Decay Armor Dark Jedi can decay armor which is in the room or upon monsters in the room.
15 Sense Living Being Jedi are capable of sensing which individuals are on the same planet.
15 Battle Meditation Light Jedi will allow the Force to control and direct their every action and the actions of any party members present when invoking the battle meditation. This control will remain in effect for several rounds of battle, heightening the skills of the Jedi and the group. If unsuccessful, the Jedi will lose touch with the Force for a short time. Due to the extreme concentration required, this skill can only be used successfully every 5 minutes.
15 Decay Weapons Dark Jedi can decay weaponry which is in the room or upon monsters in the room. If the target item has already been decayed without being repaired, it may not be subject to further decay. This skill may only be used once every 5 minutes. Light Jedi may use this ability, with a penalty.
16 Disarm Jedi can use a lightsaber to disarm an opponent of his/her wielded weapon.
16 Illusions Jedi can learn the ancient art of manipulating the Force to change or distrupt the visual sensory patterns that most beings regard as vision. This can produce visions that appear to be real, but do not exist.
16 Aura of Uneasiness Dark Jedi can project an aura of uneasiness around themselves which can help keep non-sentient creatures from initiating an attack on the Jedi. The skill is not usable in conjunction with sith cloak. Due to the concentration involved in projecting such an aura, there is a 5 minute delay between successful uses.
17 Force Push Light Jedi can force away attackers and other potentially hostile creatures in a given direction, from which they will return a few moments later.
18 Cloak of the Sith Dark Jedi have the ability to move about undetected by masking their Force aura and evading the notice of other Jedi. Light Jedi may use this ability, with a penalty.
19 Change Appearance Jedi may briefly disguise the way they appear to others by manipulating the Force. Their changed appearance is random at this level.
19 Farsight Jedi can form a picture in their mind of the targeted player's surroundings. Both players must be on the same planet, and non-PKs cannot farsight PKers.
19 Retaliate Blaster Fire Jedi can block blaster shots with a lightsaber and reflect the shots back at the shooter.
19 Superheal Light Jedi can fully heal themselves. Since the trance requires deep concentration in the Force, this skill can only be used successfully once every 10 minutes.
19 Lightning Dark Jedi can send lightning bolts of darkness at their opponent.
20 Disciplines Jedi can choose an aspect of the Force to study more in depth.
20 Enhanced Compel * HM Jedi gain some new compel abilities. Some of these uses are not yet coded.
20 HM Sabers HM Jedi may use HM sabers, in order of strength: cyan, white, and black.
Jedi Teachers may also create and use rainbow sabers.
20 Poison Resistance HM Light Jedi can remove some of the toxins or drugs in their own body. Dark Jedi may use this ability, with a penalty.
20 Enhanced Choke HM Dark Jedi can also momentarily stun their opponent in addition to the normal choke damage.
21 Increased Sense HM Jedi can now sense a specified being's current poison level and whether or not that being is aggressive to them.
21 Improve Sabers HM Jedi can improve a lightsaber, thus increasing its damage potential.
25 Combat Sense HM Jedi can use the Force to direct their lightsaber attacks to be even more well-placed and lethal than before. This skill is always available and does not need to be invoked to be used.
25 Force Shield Light Jedi can create a shield of the Force to surround and protection them for a few seconds. Due to the intense concentration required to use this skill, it can only be used successfully once every 2 minutes.
25 Ranged Lightning HM Dark Jedi can aim lightning an opponent in an adjacent room.
30 Enhanced Telekinesis HM Jedi have a greater control of their telekinetic powers and thus are able to lift and throw larger objects.
30 Absorb/Dissipate Energy HM Jedi can use the Force for a short time to absorb and dissipate energy attacks directed at the them. Due to the concentration required, it can only be used every 5 minutes.
35 Advanced Retaliate HM Jedi are more effective with their retaliated shots.
35 Enhanced Sense HM Jedi can now sense who else is currently on the same planet and the Jedi alignment and relative health of those players. An asterisk (*) after a player's name indicates a player-killer.
40 Enhanced Change Appearance HM Jedi may study up to three beings and recreate that appearance at any time they choose.
40 Superheal Other HM Light Jedi can superheal others once every 10 minutes as well, except for the Sith.
40 Steal Life HM Dark Jedi can steal the lifeforce from another living being, using some of the stolen lifeforce to increase the Sith's own lifeforce.
45 Enhance Attribute HM Jedi can enhance any single attribute for a limited amount of time.
45 Poison Resist Other HM Light Jedi can now remove toxins from another player's constitution.
45 Project Image HM Light Jedi can project a ghostly image of themself to another Light Jedi for conversational purposes. The projected image is destroyed if someone other than a Light Jedi enters the room with the image, or if the Jedi projecting it is attacked, moves, or attempts to use other skills.
45 Memory Wipe HM Dark Jedi can cause someone to forget almost everything (s)he knows about the wiped skill. Due to the intense effort required, this skill may only be used once every 5 minutes. This skill does not work on droids, and works only in a limited (non-permanent) fashion on players in PK.
50 Shield From Force Ultimate Jedi can block a living target from the Force for a limited amount of time. Due to the effort required for this skill, it can only be used every 10 minutes.
50 Project Damage Ultimate Light Jedi can summon a reflective shield of the Force to surround and protect them from harm for a short time by sending the damage back toward the attacker. Due to the strenuous nature of this skill, it can only be used once every 10 minutes.
50 Force Storm Ultimate Dark Jedi can summon and send a Force Storm into an area adjacent to their current location, causing injury to all living beings in that area.

For potential updates to the Jedi guild, see the Project List update.

A Jedi or Sith may use the jedi_skills command to see which skills he or she has already learned.

NOTE: Due to abuse, Jedi skills are not usable on Coruscant. This includes team rooms and team shuttles to other planets, as they are part of the Coruscant directory. Please neither report this as a bug nor request it to be changed.

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