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Compel [neutral]

Syntax: compel (target) (action-type) [action]

Jedi of the 13th level and higher can use this skill to attempt to compel a living creature to take some action on the jedi's behalf. Compel is not usable against players, even if both players are PK and within range. Most uses of this skill are not available in combat. Due to the concentration required, this skill is only usable once per minute. A synopsis of the available uses is listed below:

compel (target) stop compels a monster to stop pursuing (following) you.
compel (target) silent
forces the target to stop emoting in the room.
compel (target) say (message)
forces the target to say any message.
compel (target) feeling (feeling) forces the target to emote any of the MUD feelings.
compel (doctor) heal compels a doctor to provide free medical services for a short time. This can be used on the same doctor every 30 minutes.
compel (target) allow (direction) compels the target to allow you to go in the specified direction. This may not be available in some places; it depends on the desires of an area's maintainer.

Furthermore, HM Jedi can use enhanced compel, though failure to convince the target to do what you want has been known to make them angry. Enhanced compel abilities include (* indicates a feature not yet available):

compel (cabbie) cab (location) compels a smuggler cabbie to take the Jedi to destinations the cabbie might not otherwise visit.
compel (shopkeeper) buy|sell (item) compels a shopkeeper who might not otherwise deal with you (due to team affiliation) to buy or sell an item from you: 'compel <shopkeeper> buy <item>' allows you to buy an item; 'compel <shopkeeper> sell <item>' allows you to sell an item. NOTE: 'sell all' is NOT an option.
compel (shopkeeper) list [itemtype] compels a shopkeeper who might not otherwise deal with you (due to team affiliation) to list all or certain itemtypes currently for sale in the shop.
* compel (pilot target) hyp (system) compels a pilot to hyperspace to another designated system. This form of compel is not yet available.
* compel (pilot target) land (dock) compels a pilot to land at the designated dock. This form of compel is not yet available. (Names of destinations are considered secret, and as such, should not be shared.)

WARNING: Players who abuse this skill to harass, insult, or injure other players will lose access to this skill. Use the skill wisely. If you have questions about whether a particular use is ethical and allowed, please contact Law or Head of Jedi.

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