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Change Appearance [neutral]

Syntax: change [normal|1|2|3|list|study (monster)|unlearn (number)]

This skill allows a Jedi to alter his appearance for a short period of time by manipulating the Force and causing others around them to see something different than the Jedi's true appearance.

Additionally, HM Jedi may use their enhanced abilities in the Force to select a creature's likeness to study and into which later transform. They may only learn 3 studied appearances, but may unlearn one or more so as to learn a new appearance.

For mortal Jedi:
change - changes the Jedi's appearance randomly.
change normal - allows the Jedi to resume his/her normal appearance.

For HM Jedi:
change study (monster) - allows the Jedi to study and remember the appearance of (monster) for future use.
change (1 | 2 | 3) - allows the Jedi to alter his/her appearance to that of the monster studied.
change list - displays the list of monsters studied.
change unlearn (#) - unlearns and removes the learned appearance.

Please note that it is illegal to attempt to impersonate wizards or other players with this skill.

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