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High Mortal Information

High Mortals are a group of elite players who have decided to pursue higher accolades while playing. These players have chosen not to be a wizard and continue killing and facing newer challenges. Areas will be devoted to high mortals and allow them to have these challenges, and not lose their desire to play the game.

To become a High Mortal (HM) one must follow the following steps:

  1. Have the minimum required levels of 19/19/19 (levels in 4th guild are irrelevant)
  2. Have 400K experience points and 300K credits
    Note: For each level above 19, the additional cost is 100K exp per level, up to a maximum total exp requirement of 1 million exp.
  3. Complete the High Mortal quest.

Once becoming High Mortal, the player will receive a few added skills, and in time more advanced guilds skills, etc. HMs also acquire a home on an planet of their choice (with approval of the area's coder) and a beeper which will call a shuttle to pick you up and take you home from almost any place on the mud. These details are explained further in the High Mortal FAQ.

High Mortals also receive some unique commands: hmbozo, mywho, and addwho.

Those High Mortals who reach the highest HM levels of 50/50 are allowed to create a second character to play, which is linked to their 50/50 HM character.

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