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HM Bozo

Syntax: hmbozo (name)

This command was originally a perk for HMs, but has since been given to mortals as the bozo command. There is currently no difference between HMbozo and bozo. Both commands keep a single list of names.

With this command, HMs can add names to a bozo list. You may see who is currently on your bozo list by typing hmbozo without a name afterward. All the names of the players you add to the list, will be unable to send you tells. If you are bozo'd, you will receive the message:

"I'm sorry, but you're on [player]'s Bozo List and she won't accept tells from you. You can try mail."

WARNING: If you have ticked off a player enough to have been put on their bozo list, they are likely not going to want to receive a mail from you and will ignore it. You should not spam the player with multiple MUDmails asking why you are bozo'd. Trying to get around the bozo command with mail can be considered harassment after the first mail, and is a jailable offense.

NOTE: If player1 sends a tell to player2, and then places player2 on his/her bozo list, player2 will still be able to respond via reply to player1, even while bozo'd. This is NOT a bug. The reason behind this feature is that if you had something to say to a player on your bozo list, then that player has a right to retort. This also includes times where you were talking to a player and bozo him/her in the middle of a conversation. If player1 wants to stop receiving replies from player2, player1 should ask a friend (player3) to send a tell to player2, in order to change player2's reply history. Player1 should then not send any more tells to player2 - repeated use of this process to speak with but not receive replies from a bozo'd player can also be considered harassment.

Some players will put you on their bozo list just because you are of the opposite team (a form of role-playing that Imperials would never talk to Rebels, or vice versa).

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