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High Mortal Second Characters

When a HM player reaches levels 50/50, they are allowed to get a second character, with the following rules and restrictions:

  • Player must first ask an admin of SWmud for permission to create a 2nd character.
  • Immediately after creating the 2nd character, the player must notify an admin of SWmud so that both characters can be linked together.
  • Only one character can play during one uptime. So, if character A logs in, then character B cannot login until there has been a reboot.
  • On the 2nd character, the player must supply their first character's name in the 'In real life' section, and as its e-mail address written down [firstcharacter]@swmud. For example, if HM player called Daisy wants to create a 2nd character called Rose, then Rose's "real life" name must be Daisy and Rose's e-mail address is daisy@swmud.
  • There is to be absolutely NO interaction whatsoever between the two characters. This is very important! Failure to follow this rule will result in the deletion of both characters immediately. No money, no Sluis ships, absolutely nothing must pass from one character to the other, not even through other people. So if Daisy gives money to Bob, and Bob gives the money to Bill and Bill gives the money to Rose, this is a riddable offense. So extreme caution must be used whenever one character gives anything to somebody else and the responsibility lies completely with the player him/herself.
  • The priviledge to have a second character can be withdrawn at any moment without any explanation given.
  • Wizard PCs who get to level 50/50 will not be getting a 2nd character
  • 2nd characters will not be treated like normal player characters, for example they will not get HM homes, statues on Coruscant or 2nd chars themselves etc. 2nd characters are mostly to be seen as temporary characters that the HM can use to try out different things.
  • Player 2nd characters can apply to become a wizard upon reaching the minimum required levels. If the 2nd char is raised to wizhood, the player cannot play their main HM character until they have completed the secretary project and been promoted to ambassador.
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