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SWMUD General Guild Information

Introduction to Star Wars MUD Guilds
Similar to choosing your race and attributes, choosing your guilds on SWMud will influence your mudding 'career' a lot. All the skills existing on SWMud are distributed amongst 10 guilds, from which you can select 3, with a fourth available after obtaining 25/25/19. One primary guild -which will give you extra bonuses when using the skills from that guild- and 3 secondary guilds. These 4 guilds determine which skills you can use, and which skills you can NOT use. Please select your guilds carefully. The only way you can get skills that are not available through your current guilds will be to renounce a secondary guild and choose the guild which has the skills you want to have. You can NOT renounce your primary guild.

The following guilds currently exist on SWmud. Click a guild name to see more information:
Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Diplomat, Jedi, Mercenary, Merchant, Pilot, Scientist, Slicer, and Smuggler.

Their characteristics and uses are listed below.

The best word to describe an assassin is the oriental ninja type character. Assassins move silently in the shadows, killing their unsuspecting enemies without a sound and vanishing into thin air. Assassins are melee experts, with several of their skills revolving around good use of melee weapons. Assassins are also masters of poison. Note: Assassins must be player killers and need assassin points to advance. The most important attributes for an Assassin are Technical and Dexterity. Read assassin for more info.

Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunters specialize in one thing; tracking down, hunting, subduing, or -if necessary- assassinating their bounties. Trace, disable, picture, special grenades, blind, disorient and many more skills are available to them to do their job. Bounty Hunters do not have one attribute that is particularly important to them. Note: bounty hunters MUST be player killers and they need bounty points to advance. Read bounty_hunter and bh_creed for more info.

Diplomats are in some ways similar to smugglers. However, they favor more legal methods to get what they want. They have skills well-suited to obtain information, they'll get discounts on many services offered throughout the galaxy. Why fight, when you can hire a few bodyguards? Why work, when you get bank interest? A diplomat's life is much safer due to diplomatic passes, transponders etc. Diplomats are unique because they have influence on the MUD through a player council. Diplomats do not have one attribute that is particularly important to them. Note: diplomats can NEVER be player killers. Read diplomat for more info.

Jedi is the most diverse guild on SWmud. Jedi can follow one of two ways: the light path or the dark path. Light is the constructive side, with healing and protections skills; dark is the destructive side with offensive skills like decay, choke, lightning and so on. Both dark and light Jedi have access to some basic skills like farsight, sense, and lift. Because Jedi is such a diverse and powerful guild, it requires more experience for advancement. The most important attribute for a Jedi is Force. Note: Jedi can not be chosen as primary guild. Only Jedi masters can be primary Jedi, and only Jedi masters can become Jedi teachers. Read jedi, jedi_alignment, jedi_faq, and jedi_sponsors for more info.

Mercenaries fight. They're the elite when it comes down to ground-pounding. Using heavy weapons, blasters, explosives, grenades or even their bare fists, they have one goal... kill. And fast. The most important attribute for a Mercenary is Dexterity. Read mercenary for more info.

Merchants are the legal version of smuggler, so to speak. Merchant skills involve all kinds of different ways to repair and improve items, to get better value for them. Merchants can also own a shop at a planet of their choosing. Merchants do not have one attribute that is particularly important to them. Read merchant for more info.

Pilots fly and drive. They are the best concerning space-combat. They'll move anything which is not tightly fixed to the ground: AT-AT walkers, Bespin cloud cars, tauntauns, speeders, EVA suits, capital ships and so on. In addition to that, they can use ship guns, cloaking devices, tractor beams, vehicle turrets etc. The most important attribute for a Pilot is Mechanical. Read pilot and newbie_pilot for more info.

Scientists have a wide variety of skills. Destructive skills, like explosives and poisonous drugs; repairing weapons, armor, and ships; and also security devices and surgery. The most important attribute for a Scientist is Technical. Read scientist for more info.

Slicer is a computer hacker, an expert at all kinds of electrical devices and gadgets. Many of the slicer skills reflect this, as slicers are able to do modifications to ships, droids, vehicles etc. that other players cannot. Slicers are also masters at getting information through a special network. The most important attribute for a Slicer is Technical. Read slicer for more info.

Smugglers reach their goals by rather obscure means. They fly freighters, haggle, hide, and even steal to get what they want. Why fight, when you can provoke your enemies? Why work, when you can earn a quicker buck by smuggling goods in your freighter? Smugglers do not have one attribute that is particularly important to them. Read smuggler for more info.

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