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SWMUD Guild Changes

This page was last updated on: April 9, 2011

All Guilds
– autoloading items and quests for guilds who don't currently have them
– shore up existing guilds that are having issues
– adding a wider variety of useful melee weapons to specialize in
– continued revamp of assassin jobs
Bounty Hunter
– revamp of bounties
– revamp the current diplomatic quests
– possibly add new diplomatic quests that are not connected to the existing system
– new Jedi Master quest concepts
–new Jedi Teacher quest concepts
– more varieties of useful HM-caliber blasters
– take another look at HM merc skills
– reworking and adding to combine
– trading system proposal
– come up with proposal for Space 2.0
– examining riding animals and vehicles
–fixing the adjusted cargo capacities for ships so ships will be able to carry raided ships like before
– cargo job system concepts
– bug fixes
– gradually refocusing the guild to not center around droids
– droid_construct reworking
– upgrading information terminal (taking suggestions)
– re-code modify
– advanced tamper
– sabotage
– hacking job system concepts
– tweaking the new smuggling system as needed

If you have any suggestions for other additions/changes, feel free to mail Guild.

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