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SWMUD Diplomats' Guild

The following is a brief description of Diplomat skills:

Diplomats CANNOT be Player Killers. Check the current Player Council members and skills.

Level Skill Description
1 Diplomat Area On Coruscant, a section of the Senate Building [SEN] can only be entered by diplomats. Inside they can find a few special shops, diplomat perks, and the Player Council hall.
1 Discounts Diplomats receive discounts on all items that they buy from a regular shop, alcoholic drinks, droids, public shuttle fares, and Sluissi ships. Some discounts are received at higher levels.
3 Crypted Messages Diplomats can purchase or acquire special datapads where all the written messages are crypted and only other diplomats with the skill are able to read the message. To anyone else, the messages are garbled.
3 Fast Talk Diplomats can attempt to confuse monsters by babbling all kinds of diplomatic nonsense, causing a lesser chance to hit the diplomat. Each monster can be fast-talked only once, and this skill is really only useful against low level monsters.
5 Bank & Mail Services Diplomats can get interest at banks. Diplomats can also transfer money from their account with only a 5% fee rather than the standard 10% fee, and they can send packages for free from the post offices.
5 Inspire Diplomats can inspire a player closer to the max alignment of the same team. Zero is the maximum for neutrals.
7 Diplomat Bin Diplomats can donate items for a specified person at a special counter in the Senate Hall on Coruscant.
7 Pacify Diplomats can stop combat between two player killers, or restrain the tempers of normally aggressive monsters of their own team alignment.
9 Hail Transports Diplomats can hail a diplomatic shuttle to come pick them up from any dock room and bring them back to Coruscant or store equipment in the player's team shop or bin. Public transports may be entered by other players, whereas private transports may only be entered by the diplomat.
10 Discounts - Sluissi Diplomats now receive a discount when purchasing Sluissi ships from SVS.
11 Get Info Diplomats can find fairly detailed information about the target, such as hit points, guild levels, and attributes. The information is not numerical, but more of a description of the data.
11 Insult Diplomats may attempt to insult monsters, which will result in them attacking you with no regard for personal safety. You cannot insult monsters that are on the same side (Rebel or Imperial) as you.
13 Rally Diplomats can attempt to rally members of their own team who are also in the room to make them fight more effectively for a period of time. How effective the rallying cry is depends on the diplomat's level and how fervently his teammates believe in the cause. There is a 2 minute delay between successful uses.
13 Recording Rods Diplomats can use recording rods to record all conversations held in a room, which can then be played over and over again.
13 Spying Devices Diplomats can hide a device in a room and it will transmit (but not record for playback) all conversations held in that room to the diplomat.
15 Relief Effort Diplomats can attempt to make an appeal to various charitable and government organizations in order to raise the amount of credits a shop has available to purchase items with if the shop is already near financial collapse. This skill can only be used once per shop every 18 hours, and only once per person every 2 hours.
15 Halt Diplomats can stop a moving monster. Note that there is a chance the monster will become angry and attack the player outright.
15 Player Council Diplomats may join a council of players. Each team elects a team leader to speak for their team in player matters. The Player Council members receive several special privileges and skills also, which can be removed if abused.
16 Diplomat Passes Diplomats can purchase (or find) a pass that gives immunity from monsters who are aggressive based upon team. The pass can be either Rebel, Imperial or Neutral. The Neutral pass costs more since it protects from both Rebels and Imperials. Carrying multiple passes will provide no protection.
17 Transponder Diplomat Diplomats can set a ship's transponder to 'diplomatic' to ensure that no aggressive ships of any alignment will attack it. If a Player Killer is onboard a ship with a diplomatic transponder, then other PKs in the player's range still may not attack the ship.
19 Bodyguards Diplomats may hire mercenary bodyguards. The bodyguard has a limited command set, and may first aid himself and repair weapons as a lvl 1 scientist. The diplomat must share with the bodyguard any experience gained, as if they are partied together. Limited races are available.
20 Diplomatic Condo HM diplomats can buy a condo on Coruscant and have the HM beeper drop them off there or at their HM home.
21 Advanced Get Info HM diplomats get the advanced version of the skill to learn even more information about the target.
21 Treaty HM diplomats can treaty Imperials and Rebels so that they may party together. They can also treaty HMs with mortals so that everyone in the party receives a portion of the non-HM experience for kills.
25 Announcements HM diplomats will be informed when people on their MYWHO list log in, log out, go link-dead or come back from link-death.
25 Communication HM diplomats now have the ability to speak on their 2nd HM guild line. This ensures all HM dips, primary or secondary, can discuss policy on their guildline, and primary diplomats have more communication ability with the rest of the world. If your 2nd HM guild is Jedi, you already have that line, so this perk doesn't do anything further.
25 Hire Body Double HM diplomats can attempt to hire a body double from a bar. Doubles typically look and dress much like the person who hires them and are frequently mistaken for their employers by would-be assassins. This keeps the diplomat from taking potentially fatal hits. They may hire a body double once every 10 minutes.
30 Advanced Bodyguards HM diplomats may select bodyguards from more races. These bodyguards are more skilled as scientists, come with additional commands (you can describe them), and they come armed.
30 Advanced Rally HM diplomats can stir up such patriotic ferver that teammates will not only fight better, but also hit with greater force.
35 Persuade HM diplomats are able to persuade a monster to leave their affiliation (Rebel or Imperial).
40 Diplomatic Mission

HM diplomats can set up a shuttle route between the main docks on <planet1> and <planet2> for use by the diplomat and his or her party. The shuttle will remain for 1 hour. The diplomat must be on the main dock of one of the two planets.

40 Languages HM diplomats can understand and speak the language(s) of other races (rsays and race channels). You will need a tutor of that race and some lessons first.
45 Transit Hall HM diplomats have a special dock in the Senate Building on Coruscant where they can catch transports to almost anywhere, even places where normal shuttles and cabbies don't go.
50 Incite Riot Ultimate HM diplomats can attempt to incite a crowd to riot against whatever government they are currently under. When the angry mob is formed, it will follow its new 'leader' and can be directed at a target. This skill must be used in a room with 2 or more monsters and can be used only once every 10 minutes.

For potential updates to the Diplomat guild, see the Guild Changes update.

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