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Diplomats of the 19th level and higher may hire mercenary bodyguards. These bodyguards are mercenaries equal in level to the hiring player's diplomat level. The bodyguard also has level 1 scientist skills so he may use first aid on him/herself and repair his/her own weapons.

Bodyguards may be hired in the Senate Building [SEN] on Coruscant, for 100 credits/diplomat level of the player (if you are a 21st level diplomat, hiring a bodyguard costs you 2100 credits).

Once hired, the diplomat can give the bodyguard various commands, including common directions (north, south, up, etc.), get, give, aim, kill, and recharge among others. Bodyguards can also be commanded to follow the diplomat and to stay (stop following). Additional commands can be seen by typing bgc after hiring a bodyguard. Furthermore, the diplomat can summon bodyguard from a distance. There is a delay in the arrival of the bodyguard, accounting for travel time, etc. Bodyguards are at the diplomat's command from the time they are hired until the player quits, tells the bodyguard to leave, or the bodyguard dies.

Bodyguards will receive 25% of the diplomat's experience, whether the bodyguard participates in a given fight or not.

Bodyguards cannot be commanded to attack players. Note that it is ILLEGAL to use a bodyguard in any way that causes injury to other players. This includes such things as using the bodyguard to carry hidden explosives. Any infractions will be severely punished.

The bodyguard will usually be the same race as the diplomat when hired. However, as some races find themselves hampered by a lack of combat expertise, the government of Coruscant has taken it upon itself to make other races available. You can see what races you can hire by typing read list at the bodyguard hall.

Level 30 diplomats get a bodyguard with a few added commands, such as to change its description. They also have more of a selection of races to choose from. In addition, the bodyguard of a HM 30 diplomat comes armed and further skilled in the ways of the scientist.

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