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Vehicles will enable you to travel faster over land, give you more firepower and in some cases, provide you with extra protection.

Smugglers may pilot speeders (and only speeders) after reaching level 7. Pilots are the only ones able to maneuver all vehicles. Both pilots and mercenaries are able to fire vehicle weapons, although mercenaries are able to do so at a slightly earlier level.

Here are some commands that might help you start out:

zoom (direction) (distance) will move you around. The zoom will sometimes be different for different vehicles. NOTE: For walkers, use walk instead of 'zoom' to move about.
blast (target) (weapon) will blast the given target with an available weapon.
report will give you a status report of your vehicle, including any weapons that may be on board (none for speeders).
clean will remove a dead rider from the list of riders. Use this after you kill someone inside the vehicle.

You can refuel at powertaps (like gonk) and scientists can repair vehicles with a toolbox.

Imperials might like to make use of the Imperial Vehicle training simulator found in the Carida Imperial Military Training Academy.

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