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Syntax: repair (item)

Scientists and merchants can repair items. The syntax to use the skill is: repair (item). Read more on ship repair for how to repair specific components of ships. You must be carrying a toolbox for this skill to work.

For scientists, the level requirements are as follows:

Level: Items to repair:
1 weapon and armour repair
2 droid repair
3 vehicle repair
4 ship repair

For merchants, the general level requirement is 7. Primary merchants can repair any of the above mentioned items. Secondary merchants can repair items based on their other guilds:

Primary Guild: Items to repair:
Assassin melee weapons
Bounty Hunter armor
Diplomat droids and armor
Jedi lightsabers
Mercenary blasters
Pilot ships and vehicles
Slicer droids
Smuggler freighter-class ships

Merchants use more parts from a toolbox than scientists do. If a player is both a scientist and a merchant, they perform repairs as a scientist.

Assassins, mercenaries, slicers, and pilots who are neither merchant nor scientist get limited access to repair at particular levels. At level 10, assassins can repair melee weapons and mercenaries are able to repair blasters. At level 4, slicers can repair droids and pilots get access to ship repair. Please note that for assassins and mercenaries, each attempt to repair a melee weapon/blaster uses a full toolbox.

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