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SWMUD Bounty Hunters' Guild

The following is a brief description of Bounty Hunter skills:

Level Skill Description
1 Picture Bounty Hunters can get a view of their surroundings in the form of a very simple map.
3 Bounty Hunter Device Bounty Hunters can purchase at Bounty Offices a device to keep track of current and past BH points and to inform hunters of new bounties that are available.
5 Subdue Bounty Hunters can subdue an opponent and drag the bountied being back to the BH office for a reward.
7 Fade Bounty Hunters can fade into the crowd in a "permanent" hide, which lasts as long as the player does not move. You can only fade when there are other living beings in the room to hide behind. Please note that fade is unusable in ultraviolet light.
8 Forensics Bounty Hunters can use forensics to determine things about a room that may lead them to their quarry.
9 Hunter Tools Bounty Hunters now have access to various tools which will give them the upper hand in capturing their quarry. They can access more tools as they gain levels.
9 Hire Bounty Hunters can hire shopkeepers to watch for a certain player to pass by. The hunter can check back later on to see if the player is still on planet.
11 Decoy Bounty Hunters can set up an identical decoy of themselves in a room to fool other players as to the hunter's whereabouts. You cannot set up a new decoy for at least 10 minutes, or while an old one still exists.
11 Jetpacks Bounty Hunters can use a jetpack, a type of vehicle that is worn like armor and which works much like speeders do. Jetpacks can fly over PK droids.
13 Grenades Bounty Hunters are able to use ion and concussion grenades.
13 Cabbie Bribe - Deny Bounty Hunters can bribe Smuggler Cabbies to deny player a transport out of the planet.
15 Traps Bounty Hunters can use several different kinds of traps to harm or capture other players. Some traps are available at different levels as well.
17 Locator Device Bounty Hunters can plant a locator tracking device on any player. It will then report the location of that player to the hunter. The victims have a chance of searching themselves and discovering the locator bugs.
17 Trap Sweep Bounty Hunters know enough about setting traps that they can attempt to detect other hunters' traps in adjacent rooms and disarm them.
19 Disable Bounty Hunters can disable an opponent, causing that opponent to see stars and be unable to use any special skills for a while.
20 Silence HM bounty hunters can silence a PK from using any channels, says, or tells for a while.
20 Charges HM bounty hunters have access to new types of explosives that can cause more damage than normal explosives. [Flash charge, Fragmentation charge]
21 Rush HM bounty hunters can toggle the ability to (automatically) rush into an adjacent room to their attacker.
21 Cabbie Bribe - Miscab HM bounty hunters can bribe Smuggler Cabbies to transport a specific player to a location other than where the player paid to go.
25 Modify Armor HM bounty hunters can add their own custom modifications to specialty Bounty Hunter armor, e.g. Boba Fett's mandalorian armor.
25 Armor Weapons HM bounty hunters can also use the weapons installed on modified armor.
30 Bum Rush HM bounty hunters can charge an opponent in order to inflict severe damage. This ability is automatic if rush is turned on.
30 Higher PK Range - 10 level range HM bounty hunters can now attack other Player Killers who are no more than 10 levels lower than the hunter's own level.
35 Disorient HM bounty hunters can disorient an opponent , who might leave in a direction different from that which was intended, or not be able to leave at all.
35 Track HM bounty hunters can track other HM monsters or players and automatically follow them. Hunters can also track persons of any level if in combat with them.
40 Advanced Hire HM bounty hunters can learn a victim's exact location when the hunter checks in with a hired shopkeeper. See also: hire
40 Cabbie Bribe - Inform HM bounty hunters can bribe Smuggler Cabbies to inform the BH when the player cabs off and tell their destination.
45 Brow Beat HM bounty hunters can threaten a cabbie to take them to their chosen destination at twice the speed of a normal ride, and the cabbie will be too afraid to refuse the trip or to take the hunter anywhere but the desired destination.
50 Higher PK Range - All HMs Ultimate HM bounty hunters who have at least 100 bounty hunter points collected may PK anyone level 20 and higher. Without 100 BH points, the level 50 HM bounty hunter has only the 10 level range.

For potential updates to the Bounty Hunter guild, see the Guild Changes update.

The Bounty Hunter guild is strictly for Army player killers. Anyone, except a diplomat, is allowed to join the Army.

In addition to needing the normal required experience points to advance in levels, bounty hunters also need bounty points. Bounty hunter points are not the same things as assassin points. They are separate systems, meaning that a bounty hunter trying to bring in assassin jobs will receive no benefits, unless the player has both guilds.

Generally speaking, Bounty Hunters can find bounty and subdue jobs, in which they are to kill someone or bring them in to the Bounty Office, for bounty hunter points. These jobs are listed in the Bounty Hunter device.

Since Bounty Hunters must be Army player killers, this means that if you are not already a member of the Army, the first time you advance in the Bounty Hunters' guild hall, you will become a part of the Army. You will remain so as long as you are a part of the guild. This means if you ever wish to drop PK, you must drop the assassin guild first and then unsign the book. If you are a primary assassin, the only way you can have a non-PK character is to suicide and recreate a new character.

In general, no player is allowed to become a player killer until they reach level 4. Assassins and Bounty Hunters are the exceptions to this rule, but even they cannot engage in player killing until they are at least level 3.

If you wish to have Bounty Hunter as a secondary guild, here is what you should do: Advance first in your primary guild until you reach level 3, then go to the Bounty Hunter guild hall and advance. You will automatically join the Army at that time.

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