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Cabbie Bribes

Syntax: cbribe (player) (type)

This command allows a Bounty Hunter of proper level to bribe one of the Smuggler cabbies to aid him/her in his/her hunt. There are three forms of cbribe:
Level Type Description
13 deny Will cause the Smuggler to deny the player specified use of his/her services for 30 minutes.
Ex: cbribe shmoove deny will cause the bribed Smuggler to deny Shmoove use of THAT one Smuggler.
21 miscab (location) Will cause the Smuggler to cab the player to a location of the Bounty Hunter's choice. A 4th argument is needed in the syntax.
Ex: cbribe shmoove miscab korriban will cause the bribed Smuggler to cab Shmoove to Korriban instead of the location Shmoove asked for.
40 inform Will cause the Smuggler to keep an eye on the player and inform the Bounty Hunter of where that player cabbed to.
Ex: cbribe shmoove inform will cause the bribed Smuggler to tell the Bounty Hunter where Shmoove cabbed to.

Bounty Hunters will not be able to deny or miscab players they cannot attack. Denying or miscabbing another player will give them persistent aggression to you, meaning they can re-attack you at will for that boot.

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