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SWMUD Assassins' Guild

The following is a brief description of Assassin skills:

Level Skill Description
1 Backstab Assassins can do great damage to an opponent. This skill can only be used to initiate combat.
2 Feign Assassins can disguise his true condition to allow him to get closer to his unsuspecting target.
3 Estimate Assassins can estimate how much a monster might be worth in experience points.
5 Martial Arts Assassins can better defend themselves bare-handed than most people. The damage still isn't as good as it is with a decent weapon. Assassins are slightly better with this skill than mercenaries. If the player is both mercenary and assassin, the skill is even more effective.
5 Throwing Weapons Assassins can throw some melee-type weapons for ranged combat. For example, some knives can be hurled at an enemy in an adjacent room.
6 Sneak Look Assassins have mastered the art of getting a quick look at a target without the target noticing he is being examined.
7 Blend Assassins can blend into shadows. The assassin must be completely still or else the illusion is broken. Even communicating with other players will cause an assassin to be seen.
7 Slow Assassins can hit and daze their opponents in such a way that their movement is slowed down. It has no effect on combat however.
9 PKs Assassins can see the number of player killers on the same planet as they are. Navy members will be counted in space (ships) only.
9 Hunted Assassins can get a list of all the monsters and players to whom they are aggressive.
10 Melee Repair Assassins who are neither scientist nor merchant are now able to repair melee weapons if they are also carrying a full toolbox.
11 Poisons Assassins can use poisons if they have a syringe. Each colored fluid has a different effect (some helpful). However, assassins who are not skilled at injecting will likely break the syringe in the process of using it.
11 Poison Resistance Due to the fact that assassins deal with poisons a lot in their line of work, they gradually develop a resistance to it. This means that whenever assassins are poisoned, they are not as affected by it as much as non-assassins will be.
13 Awareness Assassins are so good at covertly assessing a situation that they can get information about beings who enter the same room with them without having to look at them. This skill is only usable every 10 minutes and will last approximately 3 minutes.
16 Adrenaline Rush Assassins can get an adrenaline rush after making a kill, increasing the assassin's healing rate for some time thereafter.
17 Slink Assassins can use the shadows to conceal the direction they leave in. Once slinking, you will continue to slink for a short while. This skill has a 3 minute delay.
19 Pinpoint for Melee Assassins have learned to use melee weapons so expertly that they can now cause much more accurate damage to a target. This skill is automatic in combat and will rise each time a melee (not blaster or saber) weapon is used.
20 Advanced Backstab HM assassins will now also slow targets with a successful backstab.
20 Weapon Specialization HM assassins can choose to specialize in a type of melee weapon, either knife, blade, blunt, or two-handed. When using a weapon of his/her specialization, the HM Assassin will use it with better ability than anyone else.
21 Improve Melee Weapons With a full toolbox, HM assassins can improve the power of melee weapons, thus increasing the damage they are capable of. However, failing an improve has been known to damage weapons, possibly beyond repair.
21 Wimpy Act HM assassins can train themselves to perform an action at the time of wimpying. For example: wimpyact enter x-wing. Normal wimpy and wimpydir will also be executed, but after the action has been performed.
NOTE: If you set your wimpy action to be a command that has a move delay (stunning yourself, etc.), then your wimpy will be unable to work, naturally.
25 Accuracy HM assassins have improved their accuracy and thus increased the damage they do with thrown melee weapons. (Cannot be used with blasters or sabers.)
25 Immobilize HM assassins can incapacitate an opponent for a short time to escape the room he is currently in. Assassins will be forced to leave the room they are currently in and must re-enter the room to resume combat. Assassins who have a wimpydir set will be moved toward that exit, otherwise a random exit is chosen.
30 Avoid Detection HM assassins can conceal their presence (on the pks list) for a time from those who might inform on their whereabouts.
30 Melee Parry HM assassins who are wielding a melee weapon and fighting an opponent wielding a melee weapon (sabers are not included) can parry their opponent's attacks. In such cases, the opponent has a much harder time hitting the assassin.
35 Maneuver HM assassins can maneuver behind a comrade in order to flank the comrade's primary target and deliver a vicious blow with a weapon.
35 Silent Movement HM assassins are able to silently move into position to strike at their unsuspecting targets.
40 Manufacture Poisons HM assassins can manufacture poisons from an appropriate sample and an empty bottle.
45 Mixing Poisons HM assassins can take two bottles of poison in an HM lab and mix them together to produce a mixed potion which will perform the actions of both poisons. Some poison combinations are too volatile to be mixed, though.
50 Poison Weapons Ultimate HM assassins can poison a melee weapon if they are holding a poison bottle. The poison effect will eventually wear off in combat. How long the poison will depends on the type of melee weapon, the poison, and whether or not it already has a special attack function. They can also wipe the weapon clean.

For potential updates to the Assassin guild, see the Guild Changes update.

The Assassin guild is strictly for Army player killers. Anyone, except a diplomat, is allowed to join the Army.

In addition to needing the normal required experience points to advance in levels, assassins also need assassin points. Assassin points are not the same thing as Bounty Hunter points. They are separate systems, meaning that an assassin trying to turn in bounty kills will receive no benefits, unless the player has both guilds.

Generally speaking, Assassins can find assassin jobs, in which they are to kill somebody, for assassin points, much like how the Bounty Hunters' bounty system works. The assassin must find mobs on the mud which list these jobs.

Since Assassins must be Army player killers, this means that if you are not already a member of the Army, the first time you advance in the Assassins' guild hall, you will become a part of the Army. You will remain so as long as you are a part of the guild. This means if you ever wish to drop PK, you must drop the assassin guild first and then unsign the book. If you are a primary assassin, the only way you can have a non-PK character is to suicide and recreate a new character.

In general, no player is allowed to become a player killer until they reach level 4. Assassins and Bounty Hunters are the exceptions to this rule, but even they cannot engage in player killing until they are at least level 3.

If you wish to have Assassin as a secondary guild, here is what you should do: Advance first in your primary guild until you reach level 3, then go to the Assassin guild hall and advance. You will automatically join the Army at that time.

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