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Index of major help files in order to begin playing

Panic file Brief Description
accept_aid Who you allow to give you items or assistance
alias How to set up shortcut aliases for long commands
alignment Alignment, teams, and what they mean to you
ansi How to turn on color in SWmud
armor_size Sizes of armor
armor_types Types of armor
attributes General info about attributes on the mud
auto_load Objects that auto-load - that you keep after reboot
bank How to use banks to keep your money on the mud
blook Look at current attacker automatically
bouncing A description of bouncing and the consequences if you 'bounce'
chfn Changes finger information about you
coders The list of the coder staff and their positions
coder_test Info about test to become a coder/wizard, see also: new_coders
color How to type color on the mud on an ansi terminal
communication Commands you use to communicate: say, tell, etc.
condos Information about the condos on the mud
consider / ncon Tells you how powerful a monster is compared to you
credits The people who made this thing
currency The SWmud money system ('credits')
death What happens when you die
delays How long until the next time you can use certain skills
describe How to make a description for yourself
droid_control How use slave modules and restraining bolts
email Requirements on email addresses; how to set your address
equip Command to get equipped
equipment Information about SWmud equipment
exp Experience requirements to raise levels
expcheck How much exp you need for next level
exp_hm Experience requirements for levels 20+
explosives How to use explosives (bombs)
feelings List of feelings (socials) that exist
firstaid_quest How to learn first aid without becoming a scientist
finger Get information about other players
follow To follow and to allow others to follow you
force What is this Force that Jedi use?
guilds Explains our guild system
guilds_general General information about each of the guilds
high_mortals What high mortals are and how to become one
hit_points Hit points/health points and what they mean to you
hm_faq Some benefits that high mortals get
hold Hold an item from being sold at a shop
idling How long you can stay idle and not get logged out
jedi_faq Prerequisites to become a Jedi (or Sith)
law Rules/laws of the mud, punishment, and appeals
law_process How the law operates
levels Info on our level system
link_death What the time limit is on being link-dead ("ld")
lpeer Long distance look in a direction. See also: peer
mail How to use MUDmail
marriage Getting married on the mud. Includes information on divorces also.
merchads See what merchants have for sale
mlines Shows what channels you have
mudding Information for complete MUD newbies
multi Our rules on having multiple characters
ncon A more descriptive form of the consider command
new_coders How to become a wizard/coder/lord, see also coder_test
newbie What you should do if you're a new player
newbie_faq Answers to often asked basic and advanced questions from newbies
newbie_line Policies on use of the newbie line
newbie_helper Information about our helpers for new players
offensive_acts Acts that are offensive under our rules
party How to kill things in a group and share the exp
peer Peer or look in a direction a single room. See also: lpeer
pk Some information about player killing on this mud
pkilling Our rules on player killing
planets A list of planets on the MUD and suggested level restrictions
player_etiquette How to get along with coders/wizzes; how to get help
player_rights Your rights as a player on SWmud
prompt To set yourself a special prompt
quit What happens when you quit
quest_doc Some information on what quests exist on the mud
quests Our policy on quests
races General info about races
race_stats General information and min/max stats of each race
reboot What occurs at a reboot; what to do
rn Info on news reader
rules Things players are supposed to do/not do
search To look for hidden items from a room
secrets Non-quest secrets which should not be discussed at any time
secret_list Some information on what secrets exist on the mud
sexual_harassment Our rules/laws on sexual harassment
shop Where you buy and sell things
shoutcurse What happens if you use foul language on the MUD
skills What skills you currently have
skills_faq Frequently asked questions about skills
sluis_rules Rules pertaining to Sluissi ships
sluis_reimbursement Guidelines for reimbursement of lost Sluissi ships
snooping How and when we can invade your privacy
social_points What social points are, how you get them
starting How to start a character; new players
swho Short who list, see also: who
syntax How to specify which of multiple items you want
teams Info about teams and alignment
tellhist See the latest tells sent to you
terminal How to set your terminal type. See also: setenv
timezones What timezones the game knows about
toggles Shows the status of your on/off skills
uptime Shows how long the MUD has been up since reboot
weapons Types of weapons available on the MUD
wear Command to put on a piece of armor
welcome Information to new players
where How to include your location in the where list
who How to see who is playing right now. See also: swho
wield Command to choose what weapon to use
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