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Syntax: wimpy (percentage of health)

This command attempt to force you to flee from a fight when your current hit points falls below percent % of your max. wimpy by itself will tell you what your current setting is.

If you forget to set your wimpydir, you will run to a randomly picked exit. Mercenaries get notified which way they wimpied.

Mercenaries of level 30 and higher can set their wimpy as high as 70%.


Syntax: wimpydir [direction]

This command will set the direction you will flee in when in combat. If the direction isn't set or doesn't work, you will flee in a random direction. If no direction is specified, it will tell you the current setting.

NOTE: Use the LONG version of exit names as the command will NOT recognize things such as e, w, nw, etc.


Syntax: unwimpydir

This command resets your wimpydir to the standard setting, out.

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