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Syntax: toggles [flag]

This command will check which skill/command toggles are currently set. The following skills are listed:

Guild: Flag: Toggles Listed:
Assassin -assa awareness, creep, feign, melee parry, pk avoid, slink
Bounty Hunter -bh rush, track
Diplomat -dip announcements
Jedi -jedi aura of uneasiness, autowield, cloak, change appearance, enhance attribute, focus, optional anger messages, optional lift messages, optional superheal messages, sense disturbance, sense farsight
Mercenary -merc alertness, dodge, haste, suicidal assault
Merchant -merch haggle
Non-specific -misc bmode, ignore_cabbie, allow bioengineering, allow inspire, acceptaid
Scientist -sci zoology
Smuggler -smug disguise, haggle, camouflage

Miscellaneous toggles [-misc] are non-guild specific. Providing no arguments displays all available toggles. A combination of parameters can allow you to selectively choose which categories to display.

Example: toggles -merc -jedi -misc

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