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RN commands - Internal newsreader

rn [-all] [-poster name] [group]
rn -post group
rn -list
rn -last group #
rn -r group #

rn starts up a newsreader similar to UNIX rn. Just typing rn by itself reads the unread news.
rn -all reads all the news.
rn (group) reads the unread posts in a specific group.
rn -all [group] reads all the posts in a group.
rn -post (group) makes a new post, or do follow-ups from within rn.
rn -list lists all the groups, similar to the L command within rn.
rn -poster (whoever) restricts the posts to be read to the posts made by whoever.
rn -last (group) (#) lists the headers for the last # of posts in a specific group (up to 30).
rn -r (group) (#) lists article # in group only.

While in rn, the 'h' command can be used to get a list of the following options at most prompts.

c - mark all articles in this group as read
f - post followup to last article
F - same as 'f' but include article preceded by "> "
rem - removes an article, if you are the poster
h or ? - this help
n - read next article
p - post an article to this group
q - go back to newsgroup mode
u - unsubscribe to this group
= - list articles remaining in group
l # - list last # of articles in group
(number) - read a specified article

For a more friendly explanation of getting started with rn, read the rn_howto file.

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