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Syntax: prompt [option(s)]

The options are:

Prompt Options
hit points
hit points / max hit points
social points
social points / max social points
experience points
jedi alignment
alignment / jedi alignment
10  bmode status
11  drugged status
12  wimpy hit points
13  current ammo remaining (wielded weapon)
14  current ammo / maximum ammo (wielded weapon)
15  hidden status
16  status tags **
17  unread mail flag

Example: prompt 2 5 9 will return a prompt that looks similar to:

300/347 4067 -74/0 >

prompt returns your prompt back to default.
prompt colour or prompt nocolour toggles colour in the prompt.

** Prompt Status Tags
red a  Anger (Jedi)
bold cyan a  Absorb / Dissipate Energy (HM Jedi)
cyan a  Adrenaline Rush (Assassin)
orange u  Aura of Uneasiness (Jedi)
bold white b  Battle Meditation (Jedi)
bold blue c  Change Appearance (Jedi)
bold green e  Enhance Attribute (HM Jedi)
bold white f  Focus (Jedi)
bold white s  Force Shield (HM Jedi)

bold green

f  Frenzy (Gamorrean)
bold red f  Fury (Trandoshan)
bold magenta h  Haste (Mercenary)
bold green Poison Immunity (Verpine)
green p  Poisoned
yellow r  Regenerate (Gand)
magenta s  Sith Cloak (Jedi)
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