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Droid Control

Droid control is generally accomplished by means of slave modules and restraining bolts.

To use a slave module and restraining bolt, it is necessary to first attune them to each other; this is done by holding both of them and using the command attune. You can see what is attuned to the module by looking at it. Once a bolt is attuned, the bolt can be attached to a droid with the command restrain (droid). The slave module can then be used to control the droid. There is also a detune command for for detuning modules from bolts. In order to detune a bolt, the syntax is detune (x) where (x) is the number of the bolt (seen when you look at the module) that you want to detune. In order to detune a module, the bolt and module must be in your inventory, therefore the bolt it controls must not be in use. If a bolt is on a droid, it is in use (and thus not in your inventory).

To give a droid a command through a slave module, simply type:
command (droid) to (action to perform)

Some examples of commands that could be performed:

command r2d2 to say "beep!"
command r2d2 to north
command r2d2 to repair c3po
command x7 to kill fred

In addition, droids have a few special commands. These are follow and stay. follow (name) makes the droid follow the named person, or the holder of the module if follow me is used. stay makes the droid stop following whoever it is currently following. These commands are used the same way as above; for example, to make r2d2 follow you, you would type:

command r2d2 to follow me

and to make him stop:

command r2d2 to stay

Also, if an unfortunate accident should occur and you are hostile towards your droid, you can order it to stop attacking you by typing:

command r2d3 to stop fighting

Note that some droids do not have slave circuits, and thus cannot be enslaved with a restraining bolt.

In addition to control by means of a slave module and restraining bolt, many droids (but not all!) have external off switches. Such droids can be turned off with the command:

deactivate (droid)

and turned on with:

activate (droid)

A droid that is "killed" is automatically turned off; if you repair it, you will need to turn it on again afterwards.

Advanced Droid Control and Slaving Circuits

High Mortal slicers of level 30 or greater have advanced control and slaving abilities. To perform these acts, the HM slicer must have an advanced slave module.

Advanced slave modules can have up to 5 bolts attuned to them and can issue more complex commands, such as commanding a droid to repeat an action. The action will be repeated every 10 seconds. In order to issue such a command, type:

command (droid) to repeat (x) times (action to perform)

where (x) must be greater than 0 and no more than 20.


Syntax: attune or detune (number of module)

This command will attune a restraining bolt to a slave module. Both the slave module and the bolt must be in your inventory. The first un-attuned bolt in your inventory will be attuned to the module. High Mortal slicers of level 30 and above may use Advanced Slave Modules, which can control multiple droids.

A bolt may also be detuned with the command detune. Both the bolt and slave module must be in your inventory to detune a bolt. The number of the bolt to be detuned will usually be 1 unless an Advanced Slave Module is in use.


Syntax: restrain (droid)

This command is used on droids to get them to become your assistants and do your bidding. Not all droids can be restrained.

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