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Syntax: bodycount

This command displays your current body count in the war being waged across the galaxy. The body count is calculated by taking the number of players that you have slain minus the number of times you have been killed. Killing someone under level 11 has no effect on your body count, nor does being killed while under level 11.

This command may only be used by player killers.


Syntax: pkscore

Lists your currently held titles or the number of kills you need to attain your next title.

This command may only be used by player killers.


Syntax: pktitles

Lists all current titles and their holders. For each title holder, it lists their current applicable kill count.

This command may be used by all players.

The PK Titles system works as follows: as with bodycount, kills are only counted for victims of level 11+. All kills count towards a player's guild title. This means you can kill fellow teammates to become the most notorious of your prime guild.

Team titles count slightly differently. Each player can attain a team title for their current team. Titles are awarded according to the following:

  • The Rebel title is gained by killing the most Imperials
  • The Imperial title is gained by killing the most Rebels and Neutrals
  • The Neutral title is gained by killing the most players

If a title holder does not kill another player within 3 months, the player loses his/her title.

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